Life-Transition Counseling in France

Dr. Antonia Loeschner, socio-cultural anthropologist and certified mediator, offers international life coaching for life and career transitions, based between Paris and Versailles. Her coaching focuses on detecting and developing personal strengths. 


My name is Antonia Loeschner and I am a socio-cultural anthropologist and certified mediator working as an international life and career coach in English and German.

Life-Transition Counseling France

Face to Face sessions take place in Chaville, near Paris and Versailles, and aim at long lasting changes through spotting your personal strengths, making them accessible to you and helping you to develop their use.

Long-distance Coaching

Video Call Coaching sessions take place over skype or hangouts and aim at finding answers to concrete questions about problems and conflicts in your current life-situation.

My Qualifications

Having a doctorate in socio-cultural anthropology and being a certified mediator, I am particularly trained in addressing culture-specific needs and challenges. 

Through participation in curative writing seminars at the European Academy for biopsychosocial health (EAG-FPI) I have expanded the repertoire of useful tools to access the hidden strengths that are needed in order to handle difficult life-transitions successfully.

My intense research on personality typologies based on Carl G. Jung enables me to support you according to your personal needs.  

Since coaching always requires a relationship of trust between client and counselor, I first offer a free assessment meeting or phone call.

For further information and certificates, please also visit my website here

I would be very happy to assist you in tackling any life-transition issues!