Kingsworth International School

A bilingual, Anglo-French school for children from pre-school right through to secondary - inclusive, family-centered and fostering a love of learning for life. The curricula crosses all subjects and is designed to be flexible, allowing students to work at their ability level rather than purely by age, and in particular with specialist teachers being used for the delivery of Science, Theatre, P.E., Art and Music. 

  • English/French bilingual programme.
  • International and multicultural environment.
  • A dedicated team of qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Small class sizes giving special care and attention to every child.
  • Specialist teachers for Theatre, Art and Music.

Kingsworth International School’s curriculum is both English- and French-based, encompassing some of the best elements of curricula from around the world.  While reflecting the needs of our international and multicultural student body, Kingsworth International School will enable them to integrate seamlessly into any international setting as they progress through the world of education. 

As a reflection of our location in Paris and as a true international school, Kingsworth International School will be a bi-lingual and bi-cultural experience further reflecting our ethos of promoting the values of being small and caring, with a hands-on and open-minded philosophy.   This will thus enable our students to develop as individuals, not only intellectually and academically, but also on a personal, emotional and social level, something that the teaching staff at Kingsworth see as a key to success towards building a better future for the students in our care.

The curriculum is delivered by very experienced and highly qualified staff who are either French- or English-qualified teachers who have up-to-date knowledge of delivering early years education including Singapore Maths, integration of cross-curricular teaching and the Every-child-matters agenda. The focus  is on delivering the curricula within a fifty per cent French and a fifty per cent English setting.  We center the course on the best practices of both curricula; the French with its competencies- based approach and marrying it up with the Anglo-Saxon approach to early years education.  This is mirrored by our use of unique reporting systems, modelled on both the French and English style reports.

As with all classes at Kingsworth International School our class sizes remain small enabling every child to receive the care and attention that they deserve.  They will be encouraged to grow, be inspired to think, understand what sort of contribution they will make to the world and how they will make a difference, ensuring they grow into responsible, mature, and engaged members of the School community and as citizens of the world. 

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