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Founded in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu institute has been teaching the techniques and expertise inherited from the great names of French cuisine for 120 years. With a network of more than 35 schools in 20 countries, Le Cordon Bleu is the world’s leading network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management institutes and trains every year 20, 000 students of 100 nationalities.

Le Cordon Bleu offers programmes ranging from culinary initiation to university curricula, including masters and MBAs, in hospitality and tourism management.

Short courses

Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide range of short term culinary courses specially designed to appeal to all interests. The courses are either in the form of demonstrations (visual) or workshops (hands-on).

These culinary courses take place in practical or demonstration classrooms and give participants as much exposure as possible to the environment of a professional kitchen. Some of the different courses proposed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris are:

  • Discovery workshops: a wide variety of practical courses are available, from seasonal cuisine or pastry to specific themes. Popular workshops include Freshly Baked Pastries, Secret of Macaroons and the Taste of Provence.
  • Sauces & jus: discover the essence of French cuisine with sauces during 1 or 2 full days of hands-on classes. Work with a Le Cordon Bleu Chef and learn the techniques for preparing traditional and modern sauces.
  • Traditional bread baking: the art of making bread will no longer hold any secrets. During this 2 or 4-day course, participants learn how to bake flavoured breads, croissants and other traditional loaves.
  • Les Petits Cordons Bleus is a programme dedicated to children aged between 8 and 12 years old. Under the supervision of a Le Cordon Bleu Chef, this cuisine or pastry workshop encourages children to develop their creativity in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Wine and Spirits Initiation programme:Participants learn the fundamentals of sensory analysis and an understanding of wine making in order to fully appreciate differences, qualities and characteristics. Courses take place in the evening.

All short courses are taught in French and translated into English. They are available for individuals, private and incentive groups.

Customised workshops are also available. Following completion of a short course, a Certificate of Attendance is delivered. Le Cordon Bleu is an internationally recognized culinary school.

The professional programmes offered at Le Cordon Bleu Paris include Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts Management, Culinary Certificates and Diplomas, Boulangerie Diploma, Wine and Management, Restaurant Management and Hautes Etudes du Goût (Advanced studies in Taste and gastronomy).

  • Bachelor degrees:2 Bachelor degrees are available: a Bachelor of Business in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Business in International Hospitality Management.During the first year, the basics of hotel management and culinary arts are taught. A 5-month internship in operational services ends the academic year. For the second year, students follow a professional technical module in one of Le Cordon Bleu institutes around the world and specialise either in Culinary Arts or in Hospitality Management, completed by a 6-month internship abroad. Third year students focus on the entrepreneurial aspects of Culinary Arts or International Hospitality Management and receive comprehensive training to be able to work in an ever-evolving and demanding field.
  • Le Cordon Bleu is committed to providing students with an entire range of culinary techniques and to developing their own creativity and artistic expression. The Culinary Certificates and Diplomas provide an opportunity to master the French cuisine and pastry techniques that can then be applied to other cuisines of the world.
  • Developed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris, the Boulangerie Diploma trains future professionals and entrepreneurs in essential bakery techniques, as well as new trends in the field.
  • The Wine Management programme gives the students the proficiency to become a wine expert and the knowledge to understand how the wine business works, opening the doors to a career in both wine and gastronomy. This 10-month course is also ideal for those considering a career in the restaurant business or for those who wish to become an entrepreneur in a wine-related business such as a wine bar, wine shop or wine import/export.
  • The Hautes Etudes de Goût with their combined knowledge of taste and gastronomy have opted for a three-pronged historic, scientific and economic approach to foods and beverages, while acquiring a 360° vision of the complex world of gastronomy today.

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