Moure / Studio Interdisciplinary Design

At Moure / Studio we like to take creative risks to make each project unique. We strive our best to adapt our creative process to provide answers to the request of our clients. For Moure / Studio, emotion and comfort go through material and color with sober design. We like to create sensitive atmospheres through exclusive sleek design which respects the architectural volumes and spotlights the vibration of color.

Our ethics lead us to collaborate with craftsmen and women who share with us their know-how. We are convinced that enrichment requires the pooling of several talents.

Our passion for sharing and being open to the world pushes us towards working on worldwide projects from our office situated in “le Marais”, in Paris.

Interior designer and Decorator, Ludivine Jalabert founded Moure / Studio in 2015. Her career path and her personal experiences defines the very precise contours of her affirmed and creative work. She has lived many years in the Caribbean, the United States and Brazil and currently in Paris. She's been trained at the very prestigious  Sciences Po and in Interior Architecture in Paris, and began her career working in the luxury and fashion fields. That is how her passion for craftsmanship bloomed. This diversity of horizons and experiences defines who she is today, in life as in her work.

In her projects, everything starts with a sketch. Joyful and hard-working, she naturally seeks the right balance between comfort and elegance, always adding a gleam of color. Fluidity as a master word, that of style, volumes, circulation and light. This traveler of the world inhabited since always by the foreign, infuses this subtly in her work today.