Marjorie Oberman

NOTE: At this time, all sessions are available online and in person. American psychotherapist, with 20 years of experience in online therapy, offers individual sessions specializing in women's issues, including those affecting college students. Success in dealing with anxiety, depression, sexuality, relationships, eating disorders, career, and cultural adaptation. Free your emotions and live a fulfilled life.

Sexuality and Relationships

  • One common emotion that underlies problems with sexuality and relationships is shame: shame about a lack of sexual pleasure or the inability to form intimate connections.
  • In the approach I have developed, called Honest Emotions, we go to the source of the shame and liberate what’s been holding it in place.  A mind-body approach to free up unexpressed emotions and create clarity, relief, and a new start.

Eating Disorders

  • A prevalent emotion that drives eating disorders is self-hatred:  “Why can’t I just stop eating—what’s wrong with me that I gorge myself and then have to starve?”  
  • Free yourself of the deep frustration and despair and learn to welcome self-love. It then becomes possible to have a balanced, relaxed relationship with your food.

Career Path

  • The fear of pursuing the right career path comes with negative beliefs about yourself. Example: “I don’t have what it takes.”
  • I provide a safe space in which you learn to be present to your fear and let go of the negative beliefs holding it in place. There you will find the courage to take the steps toward a satisfying professional life.

Students Studying Abroad

  • “This was supposed to be such a great time!”  Loneliness and disappointment are emotions that some students feel when coming to France to study.
  • By embracing their honest emotional response, students learn to transform disillusionment into the joy of being here. I empower students to work with the cultural and academic triggers to discover unforeseen opportunities for growth.

Relationship Reset

  • Marjorie offers a three-hour intensive, or a day-long intensive, individually tailored workshop for two people, to restore trust, and re-create love and connection. Click through to find out more here. 

Education and Training

Bilingual American psychotherapist, living in France since 1989. 
2 years Post-Graduate training in the Contextual Approach to Psychotherapy.
C.S.W., State of New York.
M.S.W., Hunter College School of Social Work, City University of New York. 
B.A., University of Pennsylvania.

Sessions in English and French, in person and on Skype. Please get in touch.