Connie-Lee Bennett

Would you like to present yourself with more clarity, confidence and charisma? Leadership and Speaking Coaching from Connie-Lee Bennett.

In 2018, Meraki CLB Group was born as a combination of three ideas that our founder Connie-Lee Bennett had; to bridge her healing technique Meraki Healing (an award winning healing technique that combines traditional psychotherapy methods and spiritual techniques), her experience as a business woman, international speaker, author, director of Global Woman Club in Paris, TV and Radio show host; with her vision to inspire Authentic Leaders around the world to make a fulfilling impact through delving deeper into who they truly are so they can fully express all of who they are truly are in all areas of their lives.

If you would like to find out how to move from the corner of the room and stand on the centre stage of your life, please email us on to arrange a free Next Step Conversation with one of our team.

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