Parenting is always an adventure, but parenting far from family and friends - and trying to blend different languages and cultures - can present challenges that no parent should endure alone. Message is a diverse, supportive community of English-speaking families living in and around Paris with one key goal: to help each other feel at home. 

Message is 100% volunteer-powered with a whole lot of heart. It has been around for over 35 years, and was built from the ground up by thousands of dedicated volunteer moms and dads, who invest their time and energy - on top of their busy lives - into this community, because of the value it offers them:

  • During the lockdown, Message continues to support its members with dozens of weekly virtual activities - support groups, workshops, Q&A sessions, storytelling sessions and dance parties for the entire family
  • Hundreds of events are held annually, for parents and children of all ages and stages: from playdates and get-togethers, to coffees, lunches, professional events, childbirth preparation classes, and nights out on the town
  • We offer multiple ways to communicate and discuss issues big and small: a private, interactive forum on our members-only website; a private Facebook group, and WhatsApp groups 
  • Members can make a connection with others via three types of groups: Area groups (by neighborhoods), Social groups (by things in common, e.g. age of children, working parents, dads, etc) and Support groups (peer support when we need it most, eg Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding; Maternal mental health; parents of multiples)
  • We share stories and tips in our blog and long-form articles in a quarterly magazine, created by and for members  

Many members – adults and kids - have made close, lasting friendships with the people they’ve met through Message. Whether you’re looking for a friend, or a listening ear: Message truly is where you belong.