Micro King Computer Services

Computer repairs and remote support. No Fix No Charge! Hardware and software repair, installation. Removal of virus and spyware. Internet, WiFi setup, security and optimisation. Maintenance contracts - companies and home users. From 50 euros per hour.

Micro-King IT specialists at your home

Do you need help with your computer?

As part of our IT support , our expert comes to your home and performs a detailed diagnosis, resolves hardware, Internet connection and software problems.

Our service includes:

  • An initial diagnostic by telephone,
  • Call out to your home or remote support
  • Intervention and support

Our technicians are professionals who will diagnose the problem to find a solution, whilst ensuring that your data is preserved.

Tax advantage ... save 50% of the actual cost of services provided.

As an individual, you are entitled to take advantage (we are nationally certified) of the tax benefits of a 50% tax credit in accordance with the law 841du N2005-26 July 2005 on personal services ( "Act Borloo").

Our Services

Computer repair at your home or in workshop

Our priority is to quickly assess the best solution to solve your computer problems  in a sustainable way.

Hardware replacement

Sometimes it is not necessary to change an entire computer, when only one or several  parts are defective. Were here to give new life to your computer.

Custom  Software Installation

We install all necessary software to ensure proper operation of your computer, as well as software related to your needs so that your computer is fully operational upon delivery.

Hardware new and secondhand

We can build a computer that will fit your needs and specific use. We guarantee brand parts recognized by professionals for their long-term operation.

Commissioning of your new PC

  • Install device and software (subject to compatibility with your new hardware.)
  • Transfer of your personal data (images, videos, Word file ...)
  • Recovering your internet access and update of your system

Installation of a new device

  • Installing the drivers and tools necessary for  your new hardware (printer, digital camera, scanner, etc ...)
  • Getting you started with your new device so you can understand the general operation and control critical functions.

Software Installation

  • Installation of software that suits your needs
  • Setting options and security settings
  • Getting you started with the new program so you can use the key features

Wireless Network Installation

  • Installation of your wireless network
  • Securing your network (encryption of access, filtering access)
  • Configuring your home network
  • Setting different computers to share your Internet connection
  • Installation of devices to share on your network
  • Testing the operation of your network