Navigating French Wines

Knowing what wine you like is one thing!  Knowing how to find it, may be quite another! Navigating French Wines is a tasting seminar, along with a gourmet dinatoire that is suited to your thirst for knowledge of French Wines.  


These tasting seminars are fun and informative, without pretentiousness, so you can discover and explore the delicious wines of France.  For example, if you are used to drinking California wines, perhaps you aren't sure what the french equivalent would be.  Seminar includes a gourmet dinatoire, a souvenir booklet and wine notes.

Camilla Radford - Furman worked for the largest wine distributor in the United States, in California for 12 years, in the on-sale market, consulting and selling wines to hotels and restaurants.


She has an extensive background in tasting, pairing and promoting wines, so, when she moved to France, it was a wonderful opportunity to use her wine knowledge to help English speakers discover and navigate the wine regions France, and help expand wine knowledge by understanding how to buy and enjoy French wines!

There are several seminars to choose from during the year!  The wines of France, Cru Beaujolais and Champagne.  

Please visit my web site and browse through them and then make a reservation!

I'm looking forward to tasting with you soon!