Drawing in the Louvre with Nicolas Ménard "Judelle"

The drawing course at the Louvre is 5 days long and is suitable for all levels. Courses have a maximum of 5 people. Drawing in the form of sketches, allows multiple approaches and creativity.


- Theory of drawing, composition, perspective, contrasts. First application with simple forms. These notions are reasserted throughout the training following the example of the masters in the Museum.
- Drawing from Museum works, study of human anatomy and of portraits.
- The History of Art, for one hour a day, to better ones understanding of the masterpieces, enlightened by their contexts. This theoretical approach aims at demystifying the choices of their creators.
- The last day is spent outside of the museum: internal and external architecture, with sketches of the people around us.

From 10:00 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 17:30.
The drawing course takes place in the museum of the Louvre and in the streets and parks of Paris.

Materials: rigid A4 pad of drawing paper, dry pencils HB and fat 2B, rubber, bulldog clips.

Provided: Comfy seating

Rate for 30 hours: 300 €. (Excluding Louvre entrance ticket) You need to reserve via this link: https://www.ticketlouvre.fr/louvre/b2c/index.cfm/calendar/eventCode/MusWeb
But, have a look at this link before you book to see if you qualify for free admission: https://www.louvre.fr/en/free-admission-musee-du-louvre

VIP Package: For 2 people only. On demand – contact Judelle directly for this option. (Entrance ticket provided in the VIP Package) 150 € per day per person.

Drawing courses also held at Paris' Botanical Garden, the Domaine de Courson, Orleans, Rome, etc... See here for more details: http://coursjudelle.blogspot.com/