Olivia Uzan - Anglo French lawyer (Avocat)

Lawyers & Advocates: Ile de France

Bilingual law practice in France. English-speaking French advocate for assistance with French divorce proceedings, international divorces, employment law, criminal law and transactions as well as litigation.

Our firm is based in Paris and it provides a bilingual law practice in France.It is composed of English-speaking french “Avocats” in french divorce, french and american employment law, french criminal law.

We stay close to our client’s demands by being extremely available, taking the time to understand what they want, specialising in what we are good at and fighting for the most appropriate way to achieve the desired result.

As internationaly-experienced lawyers, we work with qualified partners located in France (Paris, Nice, Cannes), in New York and in London.

Maître Uzan is a fully trained and qualified french lawyer and was called to the Paris Bar since 2001.

She is bilingual in english and french and she specializes in french divorce proceedings, international divorces, french and american employment law and criminal law.

She represents her clients before the Courts of Paris as well as before any other Courts in France (Nice, Bergerac, Toulon, etc). Most of her clients live worldwide and are located abroad (USA, Britain, Dubaï, South Africa, etc).

Ms. Uzan is quite passionate about her cases. Some may even call her a “pit bull” in that she fights for her clients with fierce determination, a fact that lawyers in the French community quickly recognize. In a legal battle, you want her on your side.