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Buying, Selling or renting property in France can be tricky and many issues can arise :

Breakdown of appliances before settlement

Rent review in France

Buying real estate in France: Preliminary agreements

Deposit after signing a preliminary agreement ?

What contract should my French lawyer review ?

Selling Real Estate in France

Choosing a Real Estate Agent in France

What kind of contract should I sign with the real estate agent in France ?

Eviction of a Tenant in France (unpaid rent)

Buying property in France that needs refurbishing

Real estate Latent Defects (hidden defects)

Can I terminate the lease ?

Lease back investments in France are complicated, there are specific considerations for French lease back investments :

Termination of a Commercial Lease due to unpaid rents

Termination of a Commercial Lease in France

Charges and Commercial Lease in France

Obligations of the managing/operating company

Responsibilities for lease hold repairs.

Selling a Commercial Lease in France

Legal solutions and Litigation in France

The notice period under the French Law

What should I do if my tenant in France is not paying rent ?

4 pitfalls to avoid when investing in a student residence

Trap: serviced residence rents which are too high

Service premises in a co-ownership

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