RCB Creation

Attracted by high quality design and architecture and as an engineer by profession, Sotir Dumitran, embarked on a journey of transforming spaces through his unique vision of renovation, creation and interior design and launched RCB Creation. 

    Through this creative thinking and always striving for excellence, Sotir Dumitran brings a unique perspective to each and every project.

    Thanks to his knowledge and that of his team, each project becomes a distinctive work of art which has enabled RCB Creation to become a leading force in the high-end renovation Parisian Market.


    “We accompany our clients from the consulting phase prior to purchase providing our expertise in evaluating their future project, including space planning and interior design. Since each of our clients are unique, we strive to create a tailor-made project for each of them” 


    RCB Creation collaborates with professional artisans and craftsmen who are the leaders in their field. The company uses finishes and details that can be found in the finest residences in Paris.


    RCB Creation undertakes quality residential, commercial and retail renovations.


    Please contact us on our phone number to schedule a meeting (06 09 59 50 40)