Relationship Reset in Confinement

NOTE: At this time, all sessions are available online and in person. Marjorie Oberman, an American psychotherapist with 20 years of experience in online therapy, offers individually tailored intensives for couples (or other close relations) We work together to restore trust and re-create love and connection. 

Who is welcome?

  • Partners or spouses
  • Parent and adult child (e.g. mother and daughter)
  • Siblings
  • Close friends
  • Business Partners

What will you experience?

The safety to express what you thought you couldn't say.

A deeper understanding of your differences to heal the disconnect or the breach of trust.

An innovative mind-body approach in which your emotions help you get to the root of the issue and create an opening for healthy autonomy and deeper bonds.

In Relationship Reset, individuals work together to resolve issues that threaten an intimate relationship. I create a non-judgmental space where we focus on communication breakdowns. I make it safe for each person to speak truthfully and listen to the truth of the other. With my support you can achieve insight into your deepest feelings and reset your relationship for greater trust and more open communication.

Testimonial: "The intensive freed up so much tension. We are so much more relaxed together. I have renewed trust and no longer feel I have to hide my feelings as we have a new level of emotional comfort between us."

Please contact Marjorie Oberman to arrange for your session.

Personalized day-long intensives are also available. Marjorie also offers individual sessions specializing in womens issues, including those affecting college students. Success in dealing with sexuality, relationships, eating disorders, career, and cultural adaptation.

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Marjorie Oberman’s Education and Training:

Bilingual American, practicing psychotherapy and emotion coaching in France since 1989.

2 years postgraduate training in the Contextual Approach to Psychotherapy.

C.S.W., State of New York. M.S.W., Hunter College School of Social Work, City University of New York. B.A., University of Pennsylvania.