RISE International School

Rethinking International Student Education. Preparing middle school students (11 – 15 years old) in a bilingual environment for the demands of young adulthood and high school.  High academic standards.  Small classes.  Student-centered curriculum.  Emphasis on the social development of adolescents.

At RISE, all core academics follow an Anglophone program, the American Common Core and the English National Curriculum, as well as the French National curriculum preparing RISE students for success in an American, British, or French high school.

Our Global Community Program combines a focus on core academic subjects with a series of multiage Global classes. 

Core academics = English/French humanities, mathematics, science
Challenges = interdisciplinary projects
Citizenship = study, life, team-building, and leadership skills
Discovery = music, art, technology, health and fitness

Foreign language, in addition to French and English

RISE prides itself on an innovative approach to education extending beyond the typical classroom experience.  Our student-centered approach to learning to learning sets us apart from many other schools in the area.