Savoir Faire Paris

Your ultimate English-speaking personal assistant, organizing everything from property management services, relocation, home and lifestyle services to bookings and event planning, SFP helps you navigate through the obstacles of life abroad.

Savoir Faire Paris is dedicated to saving their clients valuable time. Providing superior customer service to individuals, families, and businesses alike, Savoir Faire Paris caters to its clients tastes and needs, allowing them to experience a more personalized Paris. We help our clients navigate through the obstacles of life in a foreign country and seek out the best means of establishing their ideal vie quotidienne in Paris. 

From finding an apartment, to setting up utilities, to planning your next family vacation, Savoir Faire is a one-stop shop-- our clients can send us their "to-do" list and then consider it done! With our attention to detail and devotion to personal service, we ensure an efficient, hassle-free experience that allows our clients to enjoy all Paris has to offer.

All of Savoir Faires employees are expats or native French speakers who have spent time living abroad, so we know what its like to struggle in a new city with a new language. Let us help you! As a small company we are able to work together to provide each client with the individual attention they deserve. Savoir Faire has partnered up with some of the best service providers in the industry in order to provide its clients with the top services Paris has to offer. 

Savoir Faire Paris offers services to individuals via one-time service requests, as well as personalized Membership Packages. We can be your go-to person in case of emergencies or to solve that administrative issue that you have been trying to work out for months. All of our packages and services are customizable and designed based on the needs of each client. 

Savoir Faire Paris
Personal Concierge