Tanagram coaching

Specialized in career management, job transitions and life coaching for expats' issues. Certified coach with cross-cultural background, trained in Paris and London. Positive, supportive and results-oriented guidance. 

Through positive, supportive and results-oriented guidance, Mathilde Habert helps people reach their most heartfelt desires and goals.

Career coaching

You are facing tough issues at work ? Harsh environment, work overload, toxic colleagues … I can help you to develop inner resources and to stand for your interests.

If you are in a job transition, I help you find a job that matches with your character and values. I will give you efficient methods and tools to create a new project and make it happen.

Life coaching

I help you boost your self-confidence and make the right decisions. I will show you how to create a positive inner dialogue, in order to :

- Clarify your path

- Set your real priorities 

- Do the right thing to carry on your life and fullfilment.

Who am I ?

After graduating from top-ranked French high school, I became a consultant and speechwriter, and worked for several years for international executives and CEOs. 

Certified in Generative coaching, I have been trained in London by Robert DILTS and Stephen GILLIGAN, a renowned US coach and therapist. I am now working as a communication counsellor and executive coach for the corporate world.

Born in Vietnam from a French-Asian mixed family, I grew up in 5 different countries. This personal background gives me access to a deep level of understanding of expatriates’ issues.

Contact me : mathilde@tanagram.fr


  • 10:00 - 21:00

PAYMENT TYPES ACCEPTED: Transfer, Credit card, cash

LANGUAGES: English, French