Full range of Data Center and Business Services in English. Advanced Remote Hands (H&E); Installation and Maintenance of Routers, Switches, Servers, and WDMs; Custom Fiber Cabling and Testing; Collocation Data Center Space in La Defense. 

Remote Hands Services (H&E)

Telepath offers H&E or Remote Hands support for all hardware platforms. Our highly trained bilingual technicians work night and day to provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Hardware Replacement and troubleshooting, HDs, RAM, Optics, modules.
  • Connectivity troubleshooting, light level readings, optic cleaning
  • Network Infrastructure Installation or Expansion
  • Installing/Deconstructing servers and telecom equipment, racking & cabling
  • Logistics
  • DWDM installations and support
  • Data Redundancy Maintenance, Tape Rotations
  • 24/7/4hr SLA available (within the service area)

Advanced Remote Hands

Our Technicians are ready to go to the next level of H&E services.

  • OS recovery via imaging solutions proprietary or otherwise
  • OS installation from scratch
  • OS patching and troubleshooting
  • Driver updates and troubleshooting
  • RAID array reconstruction
  • Advanced Storage Systems NAS, SAN, NetApp
  • Switch Configuration and Management (trunking, stacking)
  • Router Configuration and Management

IT Support

We provide IT consulting services for Microsoft based office solutions, networking, Wifi, VPN, system administration, storage solutions, sales, maintenance, troubleshooting, and a variety of hosted solutions.

Fiber Optic

Our fiber team works closely with Data Centers to provide your company or your client with personalized services from short cross-connects and intra-rack patching to extensive, custom infrasucture installations with all the specific needs of your project accounted for.

  • Custom fiber cabling to measure
  • Patch panel terminations
  • Cable management systems
  • OTDR testing
  • DF services available