The Garden Academy and Maternelle

The Garden Academy invites children to engage in after school activities, Wednesday activities, Saturday activities and vacation camps all in English (ages 3-12). We also offer our Preschool and Maternelle for ages 2-5, which provides all day English educational development for toddlers.

Invented by three Parisian fathers, The Garden Academy is an innovative bilingual academy for children. 

It is a place where discovery meets education through experimentation, play, and children’s natural initiative.

Opened in 2016, The Garden Academy invites children to engage in after school activities that encourage children to use English through a wide range of disciplines. Using arts, music, gardening, introduction to programming, dance, yoga, practical life activities, STEM activities, chess, sewing, and origami, our goal is to help children acquire English at a young age for French nationals, and to encourage integration, literacy and maintain bilingualism for expatriate families.

Our education team is composed of native English speakers and English first language speakers who specialise in positive educational methodologies. We encourage a physiological approach in balance with children’s personal development and their environment. The Garden Academy provides a space where children gain resilience and taste the pleasure of learning in harmony.