The Saint Trainer

Winner of Best Personal Trainer 2018 by ‘Expatriates Magazine’ Caroline and her team are personable & supportive trainers who specialise in training expats in Paris. If you have a goal in mind for 2019 Caroline can create a tailored program to help you ‘raise yourself up’ both in fitness and confidence

After 10 years as professional dancer traveling the world, I know more than most about looking after and conditioning your body to keep it in peak physical form.

Now also a certified personal trainer living in Paris, I am passionate and dedicated to helping other people reach their goals so that they too can feel proud of how they look and feel. Being English there are none of the usual language barrier issues to negotiate so you can feel completely comfortable working out with a friendly and knowledgeable trainer. I also have a team of wonderful English speaking coaches working beside me who share the same vision as me. Yoga & Pilates training is also now available!

Our sessions together

I am not a ‘shouty, tough love’ trainer. During sessions I physically work alongside you whilst observing your every move to make sure you are supported, motivated and getting the most from your sessions. Make no mistake, you will work hard and you will sweat but you will also leave the session feeling positive and ready for more! Laughter is obligatory! Please see my website for testimonials of past and present clients.

1 to 1 training 

1 to 1 training is a monthly subscription and is advised to ensure commitment and steady progression over a number of months. Packages also provide the best value for money and guidance towards your goals. Singular sessions are available for that occasion boost as well as travel options for those who travel frequently for work.

Group Training

Maybe you want to work as a couple or with a friend to further motivate you to achieve your goals. Discounts are available for small group sessions, please see the website for prices and packages.

Our Saturday Squad is an all women’s group and runs every Saturday in central Paris where like minded women sweat it out together in the fresh air followed by a relaxed coffee catch up.


  • Outdoor training
  • Women's weight loss and strengthening training.
  • Pre and postnatal training for pregnant women and new mums.

Where can we train?

Workouts take place outdoors or in the privacy of your own home. In compact Paris space can be an issue, however, even the most effective of workouts can be done in the smallest of spaces. If you can stand with your arms outstretched and have room to lay down, then we have enough space to reach your goals!

Contact the Saint Trainer and her team today to raise your fitness levels and self-confidence alike with tailor-made plans from supportive and motivating trainers. 

Initial session trials are available for 30€.

For more information, please visit the website and get in touch and let’s see how we can help you move towards a healthier, happier future.