TIME4UNOW is a Relocation & Expat Concierge Services Company run by two former expats who have themselves experienced the challenges of settling into a new life in France. We provide a highly personalized service to our clients and make sure that the client feels cossetted and secure. We provide a variety of services related to relocation, administration, renovation and much more. We will take charge of your daily requirements and find and arrange your services whether you are new to France or have been here for a while. We manage a wide variety of services for your whole family from the time you arrive to the time you leave. TIME4UNOW speak your language and hope to be indispensable to you and provide convenience to ease your everyday life.

Some of the services we offer:

·         Moving

·         House hunting -rentals and purchasing

·         Insurance

·         Settling in services – utilities, cleaning etc.

·         Repairs and renovations

·         Assistance with French Visa or citizenship applications and other French Administration such as Carte Vitale

No request is impossible, they will find a solution no matter how unusual the request. Please look at our full list on our website www.time4unow.com

Don’t wait, and get help !