Victoria Woollard

Private, individualised treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship crises at work, home or school, all ages. Psychologist with experience of UK and French health centres, fees adapted to income, students included. (Arr 5)

Victoria Woollard
Psychotherapy in English and French
Paris, 5th arrondissement

It is likely that if you are reading this page you have encountered a difficulty in your personal or professional life that no amount of thinking can resolve. Anxiety and depression are often the terms we use to describe what is felt at these moments. It might be a short-term crisis that needs an urgent response or something that has been building up over a long time and it is time to say ‘stop’. In either case, outside help is sometimes necessary to stop turning in circles and find a way out.

Symptoms, whether they be anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, insomnia, relationship crises, anger problems, addictions, or just feeling ill at ease with others, etc., these symptoms have a logic to them. Though they might seem senseless, they can be “read”, if you are prepared to talk about them to someone who is able to point you in the right direction. The appearance of a symptom in your life is the sign that there is something you have been ignoring that requires your attention. A symptom might appear common in appearance, such that two people might think they suffer from the same thing, but the way it is woven into the life of the person is always unique. ‘Depression’ for one person is thus not necessarily what is called ‘depression’ for another… Hence there is no “one size fits all” method, no standard normality; each person has to be taken one by one.

This is a practical and efficient approach: taking things as they are, with the consequences they have, and unveiling what is really at stake so as to allow the person concerned the freedom to choose, without hindrance, how they live their life.

Victoria Woollard
B.A. Hons, M.A. D.E.S.S

Clinical Psychologist
Adults, adolescents and children in English/French

Consultations, please call 06 85 63 80 11

Experience : Former director of the CPCT - Paris (consultation centre), many years private practice with Parisian English speaking community, psychologist in psychiatric hospital and health centre for children adolescents and families. Previously worked in a UK NHS hospital in London. Trained in the UK and then in France (Brunel University; University of Paris, Denis Diderot; Section Clinique Ile-de-France). See Internet site for information on publications, affiliations, qualifications, location, fees, etc.