Wallace Fountains of Paris

The Wallace Fountains of Paris have been dispensing clean drinking water to residents and visitors for almost 150 years. The original fountains were a gift to the people of Paris from Sir Richard Wallace. These public drinking fountains have great historic, artistic, cultural and social significance. They also represent the best of public/private partnerships for the common good, as well as being one of the most beloved and iconic symbols of Paris. 

Via this association and their website, you can:

Learn about the Wallace Fountains – Discover the history of the Wallace Fountains and learn about their donor, Sir Richard Wallace.

Take Walking Tours of Paris to Find the Fountains – Discover Paris by searching for the 103 Wallace Fountains scattered throughout the city. There are 21 Self-guided Walks available to download from the site. Take the walking tours and explore Paris with a purpose. When you find the fountains, you find the real Paris.

Share your Discoveries with Others – This website has a Comment page for users to share their discoveries, observations and opinions. Users are encouraged to post comments about their adventures on the streets of Paris while looking for Wallace Fountains.

Help Promote, Preserve and Protect the Fountains – Become a member of the Society of the Wallace Fountains and support its mission to promote, preserve and protect the Wallace Fountains of Paris. You also can become a Friend of the Fountains by finding all the fountains, reporting a malfunctioning or vandalized fountain so it can be quickly repaired, or by making a donation to ensure the fountains continue to exist for generations to come.