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Looking for something to do to enrich your stay in Paris? Whether you’re an expat, a new resident or a short term visitor, WICE offers a range of courses that will enrich your experience in France and help you to get to know the real Paris. We prove a wide array of learning and volunteer opportunities.


We are an English-speaking association, based in Paris, providing a wide array of learning and volunteer opportunities through art, cultural and language programs and social activities.Join activities with English speakers, master the art of living in France and network with fellow members!

With all its advantages, living abroad can sometimes be a challenge. But there are groups that can make the experience more joyous and fruitful – groups such as WICE. Formed in 1978 by a number of ex-pat American women, WICE serves the English-speaking community in Paris and has become an organization that lives up to its motto: You’ll Fit Right In.

WICE offers a wide range of courses and networking events. Members can follow classes in cooking, wine tasting, creative writing, cultural studies, languages and the visual arts. They can also participate in guided walks and visits to museums and other cultural institutions.

New courses are prepared every year and can be viewed at www.wice-paris.org Anyone interested can reserve immediately after joining the organisation.

Former participants have had many positive comments about the various courses, saying that they have contributed both to their personal and professional development in different ways. The Creative Writing workshops, for instance, support those who have always wished to write stories, while the Wine-Tasting courses enhance knowledge about Europe’s vast variety of wines. 

Those seeking to improve their language skills can join value-for-money classes in French, Spanish, English and German. Conversation groups are free and you can practice French or English while learning the intricate rules of grammar. Budding or experienced artists and photographers get to create work in a city made for art as well as the chance to exhibit at the WICE Art Gallery.

Full membership opens doors to other benefits beside the rich array of courses. You can find discounts to theatre, the Louvre and tour packages. In addition the WICE organises social gatherings, talks on current affairs and culture, supports a literary group Upstairs at Duroc as well as a bilingual book group.

WICE occasionally offers special one-off benefits and discounts for members. Special deals will arrive in your inbox.

WICE is conveniently located in the 15th arrondissement, 10 rue Tiphaine, 75015. The office is open Monday - Friday 10:00 - 15:00. Tel: 01 45 66 75 50.


More information is available on the website at www.wice-paris.org

Membership inquiries[email protected]