Winecdote wine tastings

Winecdote offers a modern approach to wine tastings. We want to teach you about wine, but above all we want to offer you a good time tasting and enjoying our selection of wines. 

We work with a carefully curated selection of wines from small, independent winemakers, who produce interesting wines away from the standard appellations. We look for wines with a distinctive character and with a special story, that we are happy to share with you.

At Winecdote, you never just drink a glass of wine; we prefer to offer a complete sensorial experience. At each tasting we offer finger foods that are tailor made for Winecdote’s wine selection: we love surprising our guests with interesting wine - food pairings. 

Winecdote hosts wine tastings, or ateliers as we call them, in different settings, such as art galleries, lofts and private apartments, and in collaboration with restaurants. We want to surprise you with the choice of our settings, making sure that your Winecdote wine atelier is an unforgettable experience. 

Please check for all our upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you soon!