Addiction Recovery & Treatment

Marina Tricard
American trained Mental health counselor. Tri-lingual in English, French and Russian. Working with adults or adolescents in individual or family sessions. Wellness model with CBT, DBT and Hypnotherapy. Help in person, Skype or phone.
Castle Craig Hospital
Paris Addiction Recovery Workshop; developed by Castle Craig Hospital and run for 6 weeks at a time in Paris (Arr:6)
Susan Markel
Licensed psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist, supervisor. Adults, couples, teens. Stress, trauma, depression, compulsive behavior or addiction. Nanterre, Paris (group)
Meriem Garbay
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and certified hypnotherapist with an integrative and creative approach; cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, Neurofeedback and Mindfulness for anxiety and mood disorders, addictive behaviors.
Victoria Woollard
Private, individualised treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship crises at work, home or school, all ages. Psychologist with experience of UK and French health centres, fees adapted to income, students included. (Arr 5)
Wendy Saville
Bilingual British therapist trained in Psychosynthesis, based in Paris (Arr:11) Grief; addiction and eating disorder recovery; self-esteem; family and relationship issues.
Louis A. Monaco
Chartered Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, treats individual adults and couples in both short and long-term therapies. His orientation is primarily based in psychodynamic psychotherapy, he works collaboratively to set treatment goals.
Suzanne Black
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, American, bilingual, former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco Medical School. Training: New York University (NYU) and UCLA Medical Centres.
Zoe Otter
Native English-speaking psychologist. Older adolescents and adults. Trauma, self-harm, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship problems, personality disorder, identity problems. EMDR and DBT trained. Paris, 75015.
Claire J. Robertson
Trained Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral therapist. Explores issues such as depression, anxiety, adjustment to a new culture, relationship problems, game or internet addiction and grief.
Anastasia Piatakhina Gire
Fully Accredited Integrative Psychotherapist. Practices in English, French, Italian and Russian. Trained in Great Britain and France. Expertise: displacement, cultural adjustment, depression, anxiety, addictions, mixed couples, gender, identity issues.
Dovbnya Degeorges
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and counsellor, multilingual, eclectic approach: depression, anxiety, stress management, psychosomatic and eating disorders, addictions. Cross-cultural issues.
Emmanuelle Gira
Franco-American therapist, offers individual psychotherapy and group work. Specialises in addiction, trauma therapy and cultural adaptation issues. 31 bis rue Victor Masse (Arr 9). Metro: Pigalle.
Private practice, specialising in addiction problems. Therapy based on the principles of Integrative Psychotherapy. 12 avenue Paul Doumer (Arr 16)
Elizabeth Feld
Works with adults, adolescents and couples. Specialises in expressive therapy, narrative therapy, and addiction issues.