Art Galleries: Southern Paris (7th, 13th, 14th & 15th)

Galerie Itinerrance
Art gallery specialising in street art. Open Wednesday to Saturday 14:00-19:00. 7bis rue Rene Goscinny (Arr 13). Metro: BIbliotheque F. Mitterrand.
Galerie Liova-Marc Perpitch
Dealer specialising in Medieval, Renaissance and 15th to early 17th century fine furniture and decorative pieces. 240 blvd St. Germain (Arr 7). Metro: Rue du Bac.
Joel Knafo Art Gallery
Contemporary art gallery showing a selection of works from the gallerys permanent artists. 144/146 bd Vincent Auriol (Arr 13). Metro: Nationale.
Galerie Maeght
Prestigious gallery specialises in modern and contemporary artists. 42 rue du Bac (Arr 7). Metro: Rue du Bac
Har Design
Gallery offering contemporary furniture, lighting and decorative objects. 75 quai de la Gare (Arr 13). Metro: Quai de la Gare.
Jousse Entreprise
Offering a range of modern contemporary paintings, 20th century furniture and decorative arts at 18 rue de Seine (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon and 6 Rue Saint-Claude (Arr 3) Metro: Saint-Sebastien - Froissart.
Galerie Samy Kinge
Gallery open Tuesday to Saturday from 14:00 - 19:00 and by appointment. 54 rue de Verneuil (Arr 7) Metro:Solferino
Joel Garcia Organisation
This organisation holds various contemporary art markets, antique flea markets, and book fairs throughout Paris and the Ile de France. At 42 rue du Pere Corentin (Arr 14) Metro: Alesia
Galerie J. Kugel
Gallery offering wide range of antiques. 25 quai Anatole France (Arr 7). Metro: Assemblee Nationale.
Tylek et Tylecek: Art Atelier
Open since 1988, this art gallery displays the artwork of Tylek and Tylecek. Open from Tuesday to Saturday 14:00 to 19:00. At 92 rue Daguerre (Arr 14) Metro: Gaite
Snart 7
Gallery selling art, decor objects and custom made furniture. 17 rue duvivier (Arr 7) Metro: Ecole Militaire
Galerie Pierre M. Dumonteil
Gallery specialising in 20th and 21st century sculptures and paintings. 38 rue de l´Universite (Arr 7). Metro: Rue du Bac.
Air de Paris
Contemporary art gallery with resident artists and guest artists with various exhibitions on throughout the year. Connected to Galerie Praz-Delavallade next-door. 32 rue Louise Weiss (Arr 13) Metro: Chevaleret.
Gabrielle Laroche
Gallery offering paintings, sculpture and woodcuts from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and 17th century. 12 rue de Beaune (Arr 7). Metro: Rue du Bac.