Bakeries & Pastry Shops

Pastry shop specialising in thin waffle cookies. 2 locations in Paris, including 16 rue Elzevir (Arr 3). Metro: Chemin Vert.
Tea rooms that have a range of ice creams and pastries on offer. Serve breakfast every morning. 4 Place Trocadero (Arr 16). Metro: Trocadero and 25 place des Vosges (Arr 3). Metro: Chemin Vert.
Gontran Cherrier
Artisan bakery serving traditional as well as creative bread and pastries. 3 locations in Paris, including 22 rue Caulaincourt (Arr 18). Metro: Blanche.
Maison Landemaine
Bakery selling a wide range of products with several locations in Paris. 26 Rue des Martyrs (Arr 9). Metro: Notre Dame de Lorette.
Cafe Pouchkine
Tea rooms and pastry shops run by award winning chef, Emmanuel Ryon. 3 locations in Paris, including 2 rue des Francs Bourgeois (Arr 3). Metro: Saint Paul.
Les Cookies de Monttessuy
Artisan Cookie factory making more than twenty flavours of both sweet and savoury soft dough cookies. 88 Rue Didot (Arr: 14) and by post.
Bakery that bakes bread to a traditional, secret recipe. The bread is exported to specialist foodshops worldwide. 3 branches in Paris including, 8 rue du Cherche-Midi (Arr 6) Metro: Falgiere.
Hugo & Victor
Creative gourmet pastry shops offering classic desserts with a twist. 40 bd Raspail (Arr 7) Metro: Sevres - Babylone and 7 rue Gomboust (Arr 1) Metro: Pyramides.
Award-winning bakery also serving brunch and lunch. 24 rue des Abbesses (Arr 18). Metro: Abbesses.
Carl Marletti
Pastry shop offering original creations and classic cakes. 51 rue Censier (Arr 5). Metro: Censier - Daubenton.
Hugo & Victor
Creative gourmet pastry shops offering classic desserts with a twist. 40 bd Raspail (Arr 7) Metro: Sevres - Babylone and 7 rue Gomboust (Arr 1) Metro: Pyramides.
Jean Hwang Carrant
Gourmet cookie boutique. Home and office delivery also available. 84 rue dAboukir (Arr 2). Metro: Sentier.
Le Grenier a Pain
Award winning bakery with several outlets in Paris and Ile de France. 91 rue Faubourg Poissonniere (Arr 9). Metro:
Gerard Mulot
Patisserie specialising in macaroons. 76 rue de Seine, (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon.
Arnaud Delmontel
Bakery with great Renaissance bread, pastries, biscuits and almond croissants. 4 locations in Paris including: 39 rue des Martyrs (Arr 9). Metro: St-Georges.
Aux Merveilleux de Fred
Boulangerie/patisserie specialising in special cakes. Open: Tuesday to Saturday 07:30-20:00 and Sunday 07:30-19:00. 129 bis rue Saint Charles (Arr 15). Metro:
Du Pain et des Idees
Old style French bakery, where the freshly baked and original goods are dispaleyed in wicker baskets. Open Monday to Friday 07:30 till 14:30 and 15:30 till 20:00. 43 rue Yves Toudic (Arr 10) Metro: Jacques Bensergent.
This chain of bakeries sells a range of organic bread, viennoiseries and rustic tarts. 5 place dAligre (Arr 12) Metro: Ledru Rollin and other locations in Paris.
Chambelland Boulangerie
Gluten free bakery offering a range of breads and pastries. 14 rue Ternaux (Arr 11). Metro: Parmentier.
Christophe Roussel
Shop offering a range of pastries, macarons and chocolates. 5 rue Tardieu (Arr 18). Metro:Anvers.
La Patisserie Cyril Lignac
Innovative pastry shops owned by chef Cyril Lignac. 24 Rue Paul Bert (Arr 11) Metro: Faidherbe - Chaligny and 2 Rue de Chaillot (Arr 16) Metro: Iena.
Dominique Saibron
Artisan bakery with a wide selection of breads and pastries. 77 avenue du General Leclerc (Arr 14). Metro: Alesia
La Patisserie des Reves
Modern patisserie that specializes in reinventing French pastry classics. Several locations including 93 rue du Bac (Arr 7). Metro: Sevres - Babylone
Treize Bakery
American southern inspired menu. Open: 10:00 - 18:00; Tuesday to Saturday. Breakfast, lunch, cakes, coffee, tea, wine, and drinks are served. Brunch is served all day on Saturday. Evenings for catered events only. 16, rue des Saints Peres (Arr: 7) Metro:....
Imagine cakes with Yenny
Personalised cakes, pastries, sweet tables and catering services for celebrations and events. Create cakes and desserts for all occasions. English, French and Chinese spoken.
Le Moulin de la Vierge
Family run bakery with a wood fired oven. Several locations in Paris with the main bakery at 152 Rue Montmartre (Arr 2). Metro: Bourse.
The oldest patisserie in Paris serves up a range of traditional cakes and desserts. 51 rue Montorgueil (Arr 2). Metro:
Chain of bakeries that carry some organic products. Locations throughout Paris and Ile de France.