Bars: Latin Quarter (5th & 6th)

The Galway
Irish pub with live music and sports. Open until 05:00 Friday and Saturday. Food served 12:00-23:00 everyday. Happy hour from 19:30. 13 Quai Grands Augustins (Arr 6) Metro: Saint-Michel.
Hurling Pub
Pub open everyday. Happy Hour. 8 Rue Descartes (Arr 5). Metro: Cardinal Lemoine.
Frog & Princess
Part of the Frog chain of English pubs in Paris at 9 rue Princesse. Serves food and beers (Arr 6) Metro: Mabillon
Cafe les Editeurs
Traditional French cafe / bistro located in the Latin Quarter. 4 carrefour de l’Odeon (Arr 6). Metro: Odeon.
The Highlander
Scottish pub open seven days a week. Located on the left bank, opposite the Pont Neuf, with two bars on two floors. At 8 rue de Nevers (Arr 6) Metro: St Michel
Shannon Pub
Irish style theme pub. Open every day. Happy Hour 18:00 - 21:00. 23 rue Brea (Arr 6). Metro : Vavin
Bar serving craft beers and offering regular tastings and workshops. 18 rue du Pot de Fer (Arr 5). Metro: Place Monge.
Finnegans Wake
Irish bar popular with students. Happy Hour. 9 Rue des Boulangers (Arr 5). Metro: Jussieu
Coolin’s Irish Pub & Horse’s Tavern
Modern and untraditional Irish pub with terrace. Good selection of bar food and beer. At 15 rue Clement (Arr 6). Metro: Mabillon.
Connollys Corner
Irish pub located in the Latin Quarter. Live music, darts and all major sports events shown. Open everyday 16:00-02:00. 12 rue de Mirbel (Arr 5). Metro: Censier Daubenton.
The Long Hop
Bar with large terrace. All major sporting events shown live. Student and ladies nights. 25 rue Frederic Sauton (Arr 5). Metro: Maubert-Mutualite.
Pomme dEve/Eves Apple
South African bar in the Latin Quarter near the Luxembourg Gardens and the Sorbonne. Shows Springbok and other international sporting matches on the big screens. At 1 rue LaPlace (Arr 5) Metro/RER: Luxembourg.
Bar located in the Latin Quarter with student nights, happy hour, free Wi-Fi. Open until 5:00 Friday and Saturday nights. 184 rue Saint Jacques (Arr 5). RER B: Luxembourg.
Swan Bar
Swan Bar. New York-style Jazz Bar in Montparnasse. Live music and cocktails. Regular concerts. 165 blvd du Montparnasse (Arr 6) Metros : Raspail and Vavin
Le Procope
Traditional French restaurant / cafe originally opened in 1686. Open every day from 11:00 - 24:00. 13 rue de l’Ancienne Comedie (Arr 6). Metro:
Pub St. Germain
Lively late night bar and restaurant in the Odeon district on the left bank. 17 rue de lAncienne-Comedie (Arr 6) Metro: Odeon.
Bob Cool
Cocktail bar with happy hour. 15 Rue des Grands Augustins (Arr 6). Metro: Saint-Michel
Le Pub St. Germain
Late night restaurant / bar serving a wide range of food. 17 rue de l’Ancienne Comedie (Arr 6). Metro: Odeon.
The Bombardier offers the spirit and atmosphere of a traditional English pub in the centre of Paris. major sports events shown. Food available from 12.00 to 14.30. 2 place du Pantheon (Arr 5). Metro: Cardinal Lemoine
Fifth Bar
Pub in the studenty rue Mouffetard area near the Pantheon at 62 rue Mouffetard (Arr 5). Metro: Place Monge.
Le Wagg
Disco funk cocktail bar with a modern Paris-London theme. At 62 rue Mazarine (Arr 6). Metro: Odeon.
Cafe Universal
Bar and cafe with live jazz concerts. Vocal jam session every Tuesday. 267 rue St Jacques (Arr 5) Metro: Port Royal.
The Mazet
This English style pub was once the local watering hole for Jim Morrison and other musical legends. Open every day, happy hour and special events. 61 rue Saint Andre des Arts (Arr 6). Metro: Odeon.
Late night Irish pub serving food and drinks in the Latin Quarter. 28 rue St-Andre des Arts (Arr 6) Metro: St-Michel.
El Sol & La Luna
Mexican bar and restaurant at 31 rue St-Jacques (Arr 5) Metro: Cluny/ Luxembourg.
Sports bar. Open seven days a week from 12:00 - 02:00 with Happy Hours daily from 12:00 - 22:00. 5 rue St Sulpice (Arr 6)
La Pomme dEve
South African bar located in the Latin Quarter. All major sporting events shown on a big screen. Open: Tuesday to Sunday until 05:00. 1 rue Laplace (Arr 5). Metro: Maubert-Mutualite.
The Great Canadian Pub
Bloody Caesars, Molson Canadian, nachos, burgers, pizza and salads. Brunch on Sunday from 9:00. All major sports shown live on big screens. At 24 quai des Grands Augustins (Arr 6) Metro: St Michel
La Pinte
Bar with live music on Thursdays, happy hour from 17:00-20:00 and all major sporting events shown live. 13 Carrefour de lOdeon (Arr 6). Metro: Odeon.
Little Temple Bar
A little slice of Ireland in St Germain. Open daily 17pm-2am
Le Baryton
Cocktail and piano bar. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 16 rue Bernardin (Arr: 5) Metro: Maubert Mutualite
Eden Park Cafe
Pub popular with rugby fans. Serves a selection of beers. At 10 rue Princesse (Arr 6). Metro: Mabillon.
Cafe Cassette
A wine bar with a good selection of wines. At 73 rue Rennes (Arr 6) Metro: Saint Sulpice
La Palette
Relaxed French brasserie with large terrace. 43 Rue de Seine (Arr 6). Metro: Mabillon.
Irish pub and restaurant in the Latin Quarter. Pure malt beer brewed on site . At 20 Rue des Canettes (Arr 6) Metro: Mabillon.
Le Violon Dingue
American style sports bar. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 20:00 to 05:00. 46 Rue de la Montagne Sainte Genevieve (Arr 5). Metro: Maubert - Mutualite.
La Taverne Cluny
A student pub located in the Latin Quarter with live music. At 51 rue de la Harpe (Arr 5). Metro/RER: St Michel