Child & Family Therapists

Timea Tenkei
Systemic psychotherapist offering online or in person support to clients who present with emotional or personal difficulties such as: adjustment issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, grief or trauma.
Cabinet du Champ de Mars
Licensed warm dynamic therapists for children/teens. Therapy & evaluations (WISC, other tests). Playroom and consultation room for all ages. Mon-Sat 75007 English/French/Portuguese. Sleep/social/behavioral difficulties, anxiety, cultural adjustment
Cabinet du Champ de Mars
Licensed clinical psychologists/psychotherapists working in English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese with individuals, couples and groups. Experienced in working on anxiety, depression, cultural adjustment, trauma, relationship issues. 7th arr.
Michel Lecendreux
Child psychotherapist, English-speaking consultations at 11 rue de Perchamps (Arr 16) Metro: Porte dAuteuil
International Counselling Service
The gold standard for therapy in Paris. Members have the highest degrees in their fields and are licensed professionals. Educational evaluations provided. First session free for individuals; appropriate referrals made if needed. Offices throughout Paris.
Erika Winstanley - Dumond
British Speech and Language Therapist for children and teenagers. Based in the western suburbs of Paris.
Espace Famille Mediation
Experienced, bilingual, trained mediators help couples having relationship difficulties, before, during or after separation. Overcome tensions, ease communication and seek mutually agreeable solutions. Fees based on a sliding scale established by the CAF.
Dr. Suzanne A. Black, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, American, bilingual, former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco Medical School. Training: New York University (NYU) and UCLA Medical Centres. 
Ariane Wilder
M.A. in Counselling Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (US). Psychotherapist for children, adults and reflective parenting workshop leader. Specialises in parenting, depression, anxiety, difficult adjustments. 91 Rue du Theatre (Arr 15)
David Frese
Counseling Psychologist (MA) Adolescents, couples, families, individuals. Systemic family work, parent-child conflicts, marital struggles, behavioral issues, personal development. 91 rue de Theatre (Arr 15).
Sarah Oudet
Early-intervention and school-aged Speech and Language Therapy in English.
Jill Bourdais
Experienced American bilingual psychologist-psychotherapist specializes in guiding couples, business partners, adult children and parents, as well as individuals toward greater relationship harmony.
Rachel Zahn
American psychotherapist specialising in intercultural dilemmas, life transitions and professional performance problems, EMDR treatment.  Practices in Paris (Arr 8) and in Fontainebleau (77)
Louise Ruffle
British therapist working with adults and children for voice disorders or voice rehabilitation after strokes.
Stefani Lavinia
Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst, Maitrise Clinical Psychologist specialising in anxiety, depression, inhibition, anorexia, adolescent crisis and all child related issues. 37 rue Halle (Arr 14).
Sophie Marzin
Franco-American psychotherapist who works with children, adolescents and adults on a range of issues including: identity questioning; life transition; work relations; culture shock and re-entry adjustment. French Clinical Psychology degree. (Arr 15)
Judith Collignon
Bilingual clinical psychologist working with individuals of all ages, families, couples, groups and organisations. (Arr: 4)
Grace Lindley
Speech and language therapist experienced in assessing, developing and implementing services in homes and schools.
Kids Turn Paris
Support program for English-speaking families to help them through parental separation/divorce.
Els Staal
Art and Systemic family therapist. Sessions in English, French and Dutch for children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and families.
Ruta Kareckaite-Gouriou
Provides learning support for pupils with a learning difficulties as well as advice on educational orientation for families, practices in English and French.
Jane Plimsoll
Clinical psychologist who works with individuals of all ages, couples and families. Specialises in developmental assessments as well as emotional and behavioural and learning problems in children. (Arr 16).
Suzanne Sacks
Couple and family therapy, family mediation, psychotherapy. Specialises in working with intercultural families. Speaks English and French. (Arr 5).
The Counseling Center
This center is based at the American Cathedral in Paris. It offers therapy for individuals, couples, children and families. The American Cathedral in Paris, 23 ave George V (Arr 8). Metro: Alma - Marceau.
Vincent Rafis
Trained psychoanalyst (MA, PhD) experienced in interpersonal issues, trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. Individual and couple therapy - children, teenagers, adults.
Corinne Ott
Individual and group dance and movement therapy for children and adolescents with a range of special needs, developmental difficulties, or behavioural issues.
Renaud Da
Works with children, adolescents and adults, integrative therapies, can administer psychological tests and evaluations if needed. Practice is based in Fourqueux.
Marcela Zambrano
Clinical Psychologist and Early Childhood Educator, Specialized in children, teenagers, and parenting support. Integrative approach, Trilingual: EN,FR,ES. Rue de Thermopyles 75014.
Julie Tuil
Speech and Language Pathologist working with the families of children and adults on the autistic spectrum.
Social Skills Building Group
For ages 13-16 years. In a relaxed setting students make new friends. Contact the group leader for further information. Justine duPlessis Nelson, PhD.
Mia Vieyra
Clinical psychologist with a PhD specialising in behavioral issues, ADHD, parenting, anxiety and mood disorders, OCD and behavioral medicine
Elizabeth Gurniki
Clinical psychologist with institutional and private experience in psychotherapy. Short and long term individual treatment for anxiety and depression, as well as for work related and social problems. (Arr 18).