Cybercafes & Public Internet Access

Shared space designed for both work and fun. Individual areas designated for working, holding meetings, networking, and relaxing. Fast Wi -Fi and a range of food and drinks included in the hourly fee. 79 rue Quincampoix (Arr 3). Metro: Rambuteau.
Cafes with Wi-Fi wireless Internet connection. Buy a connection card to connect your laptop or PDA. See website for locations in Paris.
Web 46
This internet cafe is located right by the Hotel de Ville. Webcams, microphones, printers and scanners are on offer. Open every day. At 46 Rue Roi de Sicile (Arr 4). Metro: Hotel de Ville.
La Baguenaude
An internet cafe that is located in the heart of Paris. Both warm and cold beverages available. Open Monday to Saturday. At 30 Rue de la Grande Truanderie (Arr 1). Metro: Chatelet les Halles.
Belushis Internet Cafe
Friendly internet cafe. English spoken. 159 Rue de Crimee (Arr 19). Metro: Crimee
Cyber Cube
Cyber cafes open 10:00 to 22:00 daily at 12 rue Daval (Arr 11); 9 rue dOdessa (Arr 14); and 5 rue Mignon (Arr 6).
PC Internet and games, software enabling the use of Japanese keyboard. 129 rue de la Pompe (Arr 16) Metro: Rue de la Pompe.
Le Laptop
Communal workspace created for freelancers offering 20 desks, meeting room, lounge and kitchen. Range of packages available. 6 rue Arthur Rozier (Arr 19). Metro: Jourdain.
Le Meilleur des Mondes
Situated near to the Gare de Lyon. Wifi access, fax machines and scanners. Open 7 days a week. At 4 Rue Michel Chasles (Arr 12). Metro: Gare de Lyon.
Luxembourg Micro
An internet cafe with gaming software, scanners and more. Open 7 days a week. At 81 Boulevard St Michel (Arr 5). Metro: Maubert-Mutualite.
Baguenaude Cafe
Cyber cafe located at Chatelet at 30 rue Grande-Truanderie (Arr 1). Metro: Les Halles/Etienne-Marcel
Carnot Micro Informatique
Internet access, US keyboards available. Repairs undertaken and training courses run for all ages and levels. Open from Monday to Friday. 16 ave Carnot (Arr 17) Metro: Charles de Gualle-Etoile.
Cyber City
Internet access cafe with both US and French keyboards at 27 rue Linne (Arr 5). Metro: Jussieu.
Milk Internet Hall
Chain of internet cafes with several locations across Paris. Each locaion has 70 to 200 computers available. Open 24 hours. See website for nearest location, or visit 20 rue du faubourg St-Antoine (Arr 12) Metro: Bastille.
This international chain of coffee shops is now to be found throughout Paris and the Ile de France. All locations offer internet connection and comfortable seating areas. See website for all the addresses.