Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Funeral Home Lutece International
Funeral services specialised in repatriating the remains of foreigners who have died in France to any part of the world. 56, rue Olivier de Serres (Arr: 15)
F.B Marbrier Pompes Funebres
All funeral and undertaking services offered including body repatriation. Service available 24/7. 52 rue Francis Poulenc (77) Champagne sur Seine
Pompes Funebres Schnerf Levi Rivet
Jewish funeral services. 11 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth (Arr: 3)  
Accueil Agence Funeraire Roger Marin
Funeral directors dealing with all funeral formalities. Some English spoken. Services available 24/7. Three branches, main office: 67 av Fontainebleau (77) Saint Fargeau Ponthierry.
Service Catholique des Funerailles (S.C.F)
Funeral directors undertaking all administrative formalities related to funerals and repatriation within the Catholic tradition. Several branches throughout Pars and the Ile de France.
Services Funeraires Ville de Paris
Municipal funeral assistance open to all and for all faiths. Transfer of remains in France or overseas. Burials and cremations. 24/7 service. Branches throughout Paris. Main office at the Hotel de Ville (Arr: 4)
Groupe Rebillon
Funeral assistance with serveral agencies throughout Paris and the Ile de France. Main office: 50 blvd Edgar Quinet (Arr: 14)