Hot Air Ballooning, Parachuting & Paragliding

Adventure S.A
5 to 7 day training session to learn how to use a powered paraglider - latest evolution of ultralight aircraft. 7 rue de la Chasiere, Mere (78).
France Montgolfiers
A nationwide association offering hot-air balloon rides. Take off site located near Fontainebleau.
Skydiving school that operates in Paris and the Paris region. Tandem jumps and skydiving training offered. 26 rue des Rigoles (Arr 20).
Air Atmosphere Dirigeable Montgolfiere
Hot-air balloon flights over Paris and the Ile-de-France are available (English spoken). 14 rue de Sevres, Boulogne-Billancourt (92).
Air Parachutisme SARL
Parachuting school that allows you to experience open air jumps. Open every day 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-19:00. 1 Allee des Pervenches, Neuilly sur Marne (93).
Cercle Aeronautique de SGAC
Learn to parachute at the Ile-de-France parachute school where instruction is available in English. At Aerodrome de Saint-Cyr in Saint-cyr-lEcole (78)
AERFUN Paris Balloon
AERFUN Hot air balloon rides, located in France near Paris. Hot Air Balloon flights and Ballooning. 22 Rue de lEpine Blanche (91)