Multimedia & Electronic Games

Video Futur
DVD and blue-ray rental service. Become a member or pay as you go with a French credit card. Visit their website to find a location near you or order on-line.
Cinebank offers hole in the wall DVD rental. As most DVDs include several soundtracks you can usually see the film in English. Membership is not necessary as you can pay by French credit card. Visit their website to find a location.
Three shops in the Latin quarter in Paris specialised in buying and selling new and second hand records and CDs. See website for all the addresses.
FNAC offers a range of books, computer consoles and games for children and adults. See website for locations in Paris & Ile de France. On-line store also available.
Video Forever
Family films on DVD, this service will digitalise your family movies and allow you to visualise them over the internet. 21 boulevard Poissonniere (Arr 2).
An English bookstore, VO video/DVD rental, English/American food and gifts. Friendly American and English owners ready to help you find or order that "special" book and share info about the region. At 9 rue de Ferrare (77) Fontainebleau