Municipal Swimming pools

Roger Le Gall
Public swimming pool, open to nudists each Monday and Wednesday from 21:30-23:30. 13, rue Henard (Arr 12) Metro: Montgallet, Dugommier.
Piscine Bertrand Dauvin
Municipal pool. 12, rue René Binet (Arr18) Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
Public pool at 12 rue Lobineau (Arr 6) Metro: Mabillon.
Public swimming pool that has late night openings on Monday and Friday until 23:45. At 18 rue de Pontoise (Arr 5) Metro : Maubert-Mutualite.
Indoor pool with various activities. Open everyday. At 36 boulevard de Reims (Arr 17) Metro: Porte de Champerret.
Piscine Parmentier
Municipla swimming pool for public use. 155, avenue Parmentier (Arr 10) Metro: Goncourt
Two pools, one of 25 metres and another of 40 metres. The sliding roof is opened in fine weather. 2 rue des Fillettes (Arr 18) Metro: Marx-Dormoy.
Piscine Georges Hermant
Municipal swimming pool. 6 -10, rue David-dAngers (Arr 19) Metro: Danube
Piscine Aspirant Dunand
Public pool. 20, rue Saillard (Arr 14) Metro: Mouton-Duvernet
Butte aux Cailles
Indoor pool with sunning area, outdoor terrace and shower rooms at 5 place Paul Verlaine (Arr 13) Metro: Place dItalie.
Indoor/outdoor pool (uncovered when weather permits) and sauna at 14 rue de lIngenieur Keller (Arr 15) Metro: Charles-Michels.
Piscine Dunois
Public swimming at 70, rue Dunois (Arr 13) Metro: Nationale
Piscine Rouvet
Public pool situated at 1, rue Rouvet (Arr 19) Metro: Corentin Cariou
Piscine dAuteuil
Public pool. Bois de Boulogne, route des Lacs a Passy (Arr 16) Metro: Ranelagh
Armand Massard
Three indoor pools with beaches in between. At 65 boulevard du Montparnasse (Arr 15) Metro: Montparnasse-Bienvenue.
Piscine Blomet
Public swimming pool located at 17, rue Blomet (Arr 15) Metro: Sevres-Lecourbe
Indoor pool with plenty of activities, large bay windows, and a grassy sunning area. At 13 rue Henard (Arr 12) Metro : Montgallet.
Indoor swimming pool at 18 rue Bochard de Saron (Arr 9) Metro: Anvers.
Espace Sportif Pailleron
Art deco swimming pool situated within a sporting complex that also contains an ice-rink and a fitness centre. 32, rue Edouard Pailleron (Arr 19) Metro: Bolivar
Indoor swimming pool at 24 rue de Rochechouart (Arr 9) Metro: Cadet.
Two small indoor pools with plenty of activities at 31 rue de Château-Landon (Arr 10) Metro: Stalingrad.
Piscine Mathis
Municipal pool at 15, rue Mathis (Arr 19) Metro: Crimee
Piscine Henry de Montherlant
Public swimming pool at 32, boulevard Lannes (Arr 16) Metro: Porte Dauphine
Indoor pool with swimming, aquagym, and diving at 22 avenue Georges-Lafenestre (Arr 14) Metro: Porte de Vanves.
Paris first floating swimming pool, with a sliding roof that opens up when the weather is fine. Quai Francois Mauriac (Arr 13) Metro: Quai de la Gare.
50 metre long pool. 148 ave Gambetta (Arr 20) Metro: Porte des Lilas.
Piscine des Amiraux
Public swimming pool. 6, rue Hermann Lachapelle (Arr 18) Metro: Simplon
Piscine de la Cour des Lions
Public pool. 11, rue Alphonse Baudin (Arr 11) Metro: Richard-Lenoir
Suzanne Berlioux
Indoor pool open year round. At 10 place de la Rotonde, Forum des Halles niveau -3 (Arr 1) Metro: Les Halles.
Piscine de la Plaine
Municipal swimming pool. 13, rue du Général Guillaumat (Arr 15) Metro: Porte de Versailles