Paris Web Portals

Paris Anglophone
Paris-focused, but with plenty of information that is applicable to all of France.
Film France
Provides assistance with contacting appropriate agencies regarding immigration/work permits and filming permits, as well as information regarding labour rates, studio facilities, post-production facilities and suppliers. 9 rue du Chateau dEau (Arr 10).
Brings together travellers and local hosts.
Paris Digest
An online directory offering information and tips for planning a trip to Paris.
Paris In Sites Newsletter
A free online newsletter with articles and information about Paris.
Paris Tourist Office
The web site of the Paris Convention & Visitors Bureau. Organised by theme it offers a considerable amout of information.
World Executive Paris Guide
Guide for business travellers to Paris.
Time-Out Paris
A Paris Guide with recommendations on activities.
Paris France Guide
The Paris site of Cats Eyes offers information about Paris.
A web portal focusing on going-out: restaurants, dance, theatre and music.
Bonjour Paris
A part free, part subscription web site offering information, resources and discounts to members on Paris services and shops.
My Destination Paris
Website designed to provide information on what to do in Paris.
Web site to connect travellers with locals to meet and discover Paris.
Jodie in Paris
Personal assistant and Parisien shopping guide.