Psychologists & Psychotherapists: Paris

Showcase Star
Private, individualised treatment for anxiety, depression, relationship crises at work, home or school, all ages. Psychologist with experience of UK and French health centres, fees adapted to income, students included. (Arr 5)
Showcase Star
Experienced licensed clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, trilingual (English/French/German). Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults/couples. Wide spectrum - depression, anxiety, trauma, acculturation issues or relationship conflicts. Paris 5th.
Showcase Star
The gold standard for therapy in Paris. Members have the highest degrees in their fields and are licensed professionals. Educational evaluations provided. First session free for individuals; appropriate referrals made if needed. Offices throughout Paris.
Benjamin Farrow
Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in English and French with adults, adolescents, and children. 6 Boulevard de Sebastopol (Arr: 4)
Deanna Canonge
Provides therapy to children, adolescents and families. Specialising in AD/HD, anxiety, oppositional behaviour and parenting education.
Metis - Psychological Services
Psychological counseling services.
Dr. Philippe Wuyts
English speaking psychiatrist, trained at Kings College London and KU Leuven. Welcomes both adolescents and adults and has special expertise in affective and psychotic disorders.
Jonathan Benelbaz
Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist specialising in work related difficulties, career counselling, relationship difficulties, anxiety and mood disorders. 8 Rue Laplace (Arr 5). Metro: Maubert – Mutualite.
Laura Neulat
Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Practice near the Porte dAuteuil. Also offers Skype sessions.
Beatrice Smith
Psychologist with twenty years experience in both England (Anna Freud Centre) and France (CMPPU Aix en Provence). 92 rue du Bac, 75007 Paris.
Cecile Acket
Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and EMDR practitioner. Adult, Individual and Couples therapy. Deals with: depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, cultural adjustment, eating disorders and phobias. (Arr 16) Metro: Ranelagh
Claire J Robertson
Psychologist (NL) & CBT Therapist. Native English speaker (U.K), offers individual therapy to adults. Depression, anxiety/stress, social anxiety, phobias, game/screen addiction, self-esteem, trauma, cultural adjustment, grief, relationship or family a...
Nolwenn Ratel-Creneguy
Clinical Psychologist offering individual and group therapy to children and adolescents plus help in implementing educational programmes for children with PDD (home and school).
Noa Farchi
Psychotherapist specialising in mood disorders, relationship difficulties, immigration and self-identity issues.
Celie Fox-Cabane
Psychotherapist. Offering facilitation in Voice Dialogue and Gestalt (Arr: 5)
Christelle Montenoise
Psychologist trained in ABA, ABA Offers medium-VB at home in Paris and suburbs for children and teenagers TED. Supervision by Alix Strickland (BCABA).
Maria Giovanna Limongi
Educational Psychologist with experienced in cognitive bilingual assessment (4-18 years old) and school interventions.
Wendy Smith
Registered Psychologist, positive coaching psychologgy and counseling, working with individuals who do not have a mental illness. All therapy is conducted online.
Anna Cooper
Effective, Time-Limited, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching. Therapist with 18 years experience working with the international community offers deep accompaniment through trauma, grief and transition. Specialised in offering people a safe p...
Dovbnya Degeorges
Licensed Clinical Psychologist and counsellor, multilingual, eclectic approach: depression, anxiety, stress management, psychosomatic and eating disorders, addictions. Cross-cultural issues.
Lia Batista Valseth
Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst specialising in mother and baby relationship and parenting. English, French and Italian spoken.
Luc Martrenchar
Clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst for children, adolescents and adults. Also a Psychology teacher at the University of Paris Descartes.
Kasumi Takasu-Fogliani
Clinical psychologist with multicultural background. Psychotherapy and counseling for children, teens and adults. For: relationship problems, cultural adjustment, insomnia, stress, depression, etc. English/French/Japanese. 38 BD des Invalides Arr.7
Jenny Wallier
Clinical Psychologist offering evaluation and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, parents and families. Specialised in eating disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities and giftedness and anxiety disorders.
Vivienne Gridley-Harvey
Licensed Existential Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist offering short and long term therapy and counselling for individuals and couples. Depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship conflicts, loss and bereavement. (Arr:8) Metros: Havre Caumartin an...
Annelise Hojhus
Licensed psychologist and certified Imago relationships therapist with experience in the fields of educational and relational psychology.
Claire Mathijsen
Licensed clinical psychologist - individual treatment adults, adolescents and children. Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach. Multicultural background. Speaks English, French, German, Dutch and Italian. Central Paris. Metro: Sevres-Babylone
DBT skills building group
For Teens and University students. Two groups: 13-16 years; 16-22 years. Using the research proven methods of DBT, this is a group therapy for students experiencing strong emotions and harmful behaviour.
Claire Finney Ph.D
Relational psychotherapy offered by licensed clinical psychologist to adults and couples in central Paris (Metro St. Michel).
Monica Fraenkel dAlancon
Licensed clinical psychologist. Therapy with a psychodynamic and psychoanalytical approach for adults and adolescents in English, German and French. 52, Ave Félix Faure, 75015 Paris, metro Boucicaut (line 8).
Thomas Degas
Gestalt Therapy aims to develop autonomy, responsibility and creativity. Rehabilitating emotional feeling. Offering interactive work that encourages the expression of feelings and emotions. French and English for Adults and Teenagers
Valerie A.G.Ventureyra PhD
Cognitive-Behavoural Therapy and EMDR by Clinical Psychologist in English, French and Spanish. Treatment of stress, depression, trauma, OCD, relational difficulties and cultural adaptation issues. I also work with Schema Therapy and ACT.
Wendy Saville
Bilingual British therapist trained in Psychosynthesis, based in Paris (Arr:11) Grief; addiction and eating disorder recovery; self-esteem; family and relationship issues.
Daniel A Edwards
English speaking clinical psychologist seeing clients aged 16 and up. Mood, anxiety or panic, trauma, grief, relationship, life adjustment, identity, self-esteem. Humanistic, psychodynamic, and CBT integration. (Arr: 8) Metro: Villiers
David Allen
Clinical Psychologist working with people suffering from depression, anorexia and nightmares. 12 rue du Hainaut (Arr 19). Metro: Porte de Pantin.
Nicolas Durand
UK trained integrative psychotherapist working with adults in Fontainebleau (77) and Paris. Works in both English and French.
Alexandre Chiappa
Fully qualified Canadian psychologist and psychotherapist, working in private practice in Vincennes, and in the Maison de Santé de Nogent-sur-Marne
Maria Hejnar
Psychologist and Psychotherapist specialized in the treatment of adults and adolescents. Office located near the Esplanade des Invalides.
Patrick von Massow
Psychotherapist,specialising in Analytical therapy and Psychoanalysis with adults, adolescents and children.
Hypnosis Paris
Advanced Hypnotherapist, psychotherapist. Rapid change techniques. Adults and children.
Amanda Bay
Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst; trained and licensed in the USA and in France. Individual therapy. Experienced in helping with eating disorders, parenting challenges and life transitions. Office near Gobelins (Arr: 13)
Carole Gauthier
Bilingual psychotherapist (Franco-American) Individual, couples and group therapy. Gestalt therapy, EMDR. Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem and adjustment issues. (Arr. 16)
David Safier
American psychotherapist. Psychotherapy for anxiety, depression and relationship problems in French and English. Works mostly with adults and couples. Based in central Paris near the Bastille and Nation.
Pascal Quetty
Clinical psychologist who offers counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis sessions. 44 avenue Daumesnil (Arr 12). Metro: Gare de Lyon.
Regine Leclerc
American-trained French counseling psychologist with multicultural experience, and psychodynamic and existential orientation.
Dr. Chloe Menon, Ph.D.
Licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. Bilingual. Adults, teens, children. PhD Training: USC, TTU, UMiami. (Arr: 7)
Cabinet du Champ de Mars
Licensed clinical psychologists/psychotherapists working in English, French, Japanese, and Portuguese with individuals, couples and groups. Experienced in working on anxiety, depression, cultural adjustment, trauma, relationship issues. 7th arr.
Sharon Korman
Psychotherapist specialising in trauma therapy with older adolescents and adults.
Minna Kim
French-educated and licensed, Korean-American Psychotherapist receives all ages for issues regarding cultural adjustment, stress, anxiety, depression and relationships. CRPMS Research team LUniversité Paris 7. Anglophone/French/Korean. Paris 6eme
Jill Bates-Jacquot
Person-centered therapy for children and adults in English or French.  Practices in both Paris and Fontainebleau.
Meraki Therapy
Holistic Psychotherapy looks at uncovering the blocks within the mind whilst providing a safe space for your soul to enlighten you on your next steps.
Robert Matta
Psychodynamic psychotherapy for individuals and couples.(Arr 16).
Nader Barzin
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist. US and French Doctoral education. Central Paris (Arr: 7)
Paula Thomas Psychologist
Licensed clinical psychologist treating all age groups with anxiety, depression, eating disorders or adaptation issues
Joanna Kaluzinska
British registered Clinical Psychologist works with a wide range of psychological difficulties, as well as illness, bereavement, phobias and learning difficulties. (Arr 13)
Ariane Wilder
M.A. in Counselling Psychology, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (US). Psychotherapist for children, adults and reflective parenting workshop leader. Specialises in parenting, depression, anxiety, difficult adjustments. 91 Rue du Theatre (Arr 15)
Denise Quirk Baillot
English speaking psychologist, based in the 5th arrondissement. Specialises in eating disorders, couples therapy, anxiety, depression and adaptation to Paris life.
Chris Bonnet
Psychotherapy and Counselling in English and French. Therapy for adults, couples and teenagers in Paris.