Relocation & Help Moving to France

Relocation services to ensure a smooth transition into life in Paris and the Ile de France for your family, employees and even your pets. Administrative assistance, house or school searches and help in the day to day tasks you will need to undertake in order to settle into your new life and moving on assistance at the end of your work assignment. 

AGS Worldwide Movers Paris
AGS Worldwide Movers in Paris are experts in domestic and international removals and relocation. 
Relocation services for expatriates arriving in France. 77 rue de Charonne (Arr 11) and 13 Avenue de Paris, Versailles (78).
A Good Start in France
Relocation agency offering a full range of personalised services including orientation, home finding, legal formalities and on-going support.
Mobilite Internationale
Relocation services and assistance with all paperwork related to integrating into the Paris region.
France Global Relocation
Specialists in international mobility management. Administrative procedures, home hunting, dual career, adaptation seminars. Competent Service in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
Hire a professional, bilingual personal assistant on a short or longer term basis. Help with administrative chores, archiving, assistance with bureaucratic procedures.
Relocation company, providing a full range of services including property searches and help with immigration procedures. 6 rue La Boetie (Arr 8). Metro: Saint-Augustin.
AnyVan France
If you are moving to or from Paris, AnyVan’s experienced European relocation team will oversee the entire removals process from start to finish. Book now and save up to 75%.
Crown Relocations
International relocation services  paris and worldwide.
BH International - Relocation EZ
Relocation agency offering destination services including: immigration assistance and housing and school searches.
Right Move
Relocation company offering a range of accompanied services before, during and after your arrival in France. 5 rue Joseph Cugnot (78) Rambouillet.
Mosaic Mobility
Relocation services for the south-west region of Paris. 4 rue de Coupieres, Gif sur Yvette (91).
Happy Place Paris - Relocation Services and Home Hunter
Consultants who assist in housing searches, school searches, settling-in services and translation. 38 quai de Dion Bouton, Puteaux (92).
Paris Relocation Service
Professional multilingual team with over 20 years of experience in relocating families and corporate clients will handle the full process, including housing, schools and all associated paperwork. Saving you valuable time and keeping you within budget.
Established in 1988 Euro Group offers a worldwide International Moving and Relocation service,and is now one of the leading International Moving Companies in the World. Offering a high level of customer service and consumer protection.
Executive Relocations
Relocation services providing solutions for those moving to Paris or relocating to their home country or other destinations. 
AD MediLink
Personalised medical advice for Expats relocating or living abroad. Help with procedures and registration into the local system, finding health professionals and medical translation.
Company offering a range of services related to international mobility (housing, schools, administrative tasks, immigration, taxes, employment contracts and language courses).
Savoir Faire Paris
Your ultimate English-speaking personal assistant, organizing everything from relocation, home and lifestyle services and property management services to bookings and event planning, SFP helps you navigate through the obstacles of life abroad.
Relocation Service
Provides consulting and advisory services for French and foreign companies and anyone looking for accommodation in the Paris area. 6 passage St-Philippe du Roule (Arr 8).
Comptoir Nomade
Relocation agency providing geographical mobility management services covering every aspect of expatriate life in Paris. 
LMA Translation
Services for English-speaking expatriates in France including assistance with making appointments, arranging health insurance, opening bank accounts, school enrolments and understanding contracts.
Management Mobility Consulting
Relocation company offering assitance with: exploratory trips, temporary housing, planning of move and cultural coaching. 
Eck Relocation & Services
Specialised in relocation for companies and private individuals. 
Santa Fe Relocation Services
Moving and international transport of household goods by air, road or sea. Full move, mini-moves and excess baggage, Europe or Worldwide.
FamilyZen Relocation
Working to your needs, with every step of your new life in France. Home search, school registration, banking, childrens activities, paperwork, immigration and administrative issues. Multilingual and experienced offering you a personal, effective service.
Le Bon Vivant Paris
A multilingual property and lifestyle management team in the heart of Paris.
Polaris Moves Ltd
Relocation service offering: removals at short notice, domestic and business relocations, door-to-door European Service with packing.
Crown Relocations - Paris
Moving and destination services to individuals and families relocating internationally.
Experienced and bilingual french teacher offers French lessons in person or via skype. Also available to help you settle into your new life.
Saint-Germain Relocation
Relocation assistance for individuals, families and companies.
Entree Paris
Relocation agency providing a range of tailored solutions including finding and booking apartments, practical assistance, bank and insurance services.
Clark and Rose
International Removals and relocation in Paris
Hedleys Humpers
International removals firm.
S4U Relocation
Relocation solutions including destination services, such as: orientation and pre-move trip; immigration; home search; school search; settling-in assistance; cross-cultural and language training; and storage solutions.
Sterling Relocation
International moving and relocation company which provides relocation services to organisations, families and individuals. 116 Avenue Aristide Briand, Le Blanc-Mesnil (93).
VIP Resources
French work and resident permits; deals with related administrative procedures.
Marielle Cochard
International mobility consultant.
Paris Versailles Immobilier
Relocation services and home hunter in Paris and the Western suburbs..
Premium Relocation
Relocation and home-hunting services. French, English and German spoken. 219 blvd Saint-Germain (Arr 7). Metro: Solferino
Grospiron Relocation Services
International movers offering removals, expatriation, and relocation
NOVA Relocation
NOVA Relocation is Europes largest privately owned and totally independent relocation services company. We have offices in Belgium, The Netherlands and France.
Left Bank - Right Bank Relocation
A relocation company specialised in relocating executives from London to Paris. Advice on real estate, what areas to choose, schools etc. Post-relocation concierge service.
Man And Van 2 Go
Man and van 2 go is an independent company that offers logistical solutions across the UK even if it is just a small sofa to be moved a couple of miles or several pallets across Europe we can help provide cost effective a solution.
Louise McCorkell
Corporate relocations expert for the Fontainebleau region. 
Emigra France SARL
Immigration Consulting Firm offering immigration services for business-related immigration. Service centres on three continents. 
Independent regulatory body and national syndicate of relocation and moving professionals.
One Year in Paris Relocation
Multilingual team providing Relocation and Destination services including: immigration procedures, schooling and home search with guidance to rent or buy, installation and administration assistance, language training, job search and departure assistance.
Team Relocations
An independent company specialising in delivering fully integrated relocation, moving and other associated services primarily within the corporate market. 47 Route Principale du Port, Gennevilliers (92). Metro: Asnieres – Gennevilliers.
LElan Expatriation Consultants
Agency offering customized support to companies bringing foreign nationals to France. Covering the legal, organizational and employment issues impacting these future employees in France - prior to their arrival, during their stay, and as they depart.
Relocation service for companies offering information and advise on professional, residential and social mobility. 
Cosmopolitan Services Unlimited (CSU)
Relocation agency offering a wide variety of relocation services including orientation, home finding, settling in and school consultancy services.