Satellite & Cable TV Installers

Via mail order and self installation offering you super fast UK satellite broadband and Sky satellite TV subscriptions, 24/7 english speaking telephone support available.
Sky in France
Satellite television installers serving Paris and France.
DD Electronics
Provides UK and US satellite TV channels in your Paris home.
We install full TV and digital satellite systems for the Expat community and for Hotels, Bars, Pubs and Restaurants in Paris & Subsurbs. We deliver also Decoders & Viewing Cards all over Europe. Experienced, professional service guaranteed.
Specialist in satellite TV systems and installations at 31 ave de la Republique (Arr 11) Metro: Parmentier/Pere-Lachaise
Service for professionals only. Control your entertainment system with one console. Select playlists in advance, watch many sporting events at once, simple karaoke system.