Telecoms, Mobile, Telephone, Internet, VOIP + WiFi

Internet and telecom service provider offering services including internet broadband and telephony over IP.
Bouygues Telecom
French mobile phone, TV and internet operator.
Provides UK English Sky satellite TV subscription cards and equipment accross Europe and low cost international telephone calls globally.
Calls to the UK and the USA at less than local call rates.
Global network services and telecommunications company.
Magic OnLine
Suppliers of: high-speed internet access; website, extra-net and intra-net hosting; virus, spam and data loss protection; and telecommunication solutions for businesses.
Travel Wifi
The easiest solution to get the Internet in France! Rent a personal Wi-Fi hotspot! Enjoy incredibly fast WiFi anytime, anywhere! 4G speed connection. Automatic connectivity. English speaking support services; flexible and customer orientated.
Internet access provider, TV and phone operator.
International calls from France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, USA and UK to anywhere.
Reliance Global
Provider of global communication services to service providers, enterprises and consumers across the globe through its high performance global network.
4N Media Group | my4n.TV
Provides a selection of international TV channels on mobile phones in Europe.
Internet, fixed telephone, mobile phone and TV provider. Branches throughout Paris and Ile de France, see website for details.
Mobile phone, high speed internet, fixed line telephone and cable television provider.
STM Wireless
Design of wireless based satellite communications infrastructure and user terminal products.
Budget Mobile
Mobile phone pay-as-you-go solution.
DD Electronics
Provides UK and US satellite TV channels in your Paris home.
French mobile phone operator and internet service provider.
Virgin Mobile
International mobile phone operator.
NRJ Mobile
A mobile phone network operator.
Budget Telecom
International telephone calls from a fixed or mobile line.
Call all around the world from your French mobile using credit from Vonroz.
Telephone; mobile phone and internet provider. Offers a pay as you go option.
La Poste Mobile
Offering a range of mobile phone services including prepaid or subscription.