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Need a sports car 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: buu2 · last update: 1495665725 · posted: 1492076416
Plumber wanted in 7014 area! 1 Home & Garden
Hi, I don't suppose any knows of any Paris plumbers in the 14th, Metro: Pernety, to investigate and clear some b...
started by: Chris-Glynn-899605 · last update: 1495665660 · posted: 1494357314
Looking for a really good vet. 0 Pets & Animals
I'm having trouble finding a decent vet.  Can anyone please recommend a really good vet in Paris.  In,...
started by: Tigger-459388 · last update: 1495563553 · posted: 1495563553
Home Repairs & Construction 1 Home & Garden
started by: Paris Service · last update: 1495563381 · posted: 1495550292
are you a wedding planner? 0 General
started by: fabouche · last update: 1494996017 · posted: 1494996017
How to Vote - Election 2017 June 8th 0 General
Hi All, There's a cracking page on Angloinfo that covers this, but please take time to register to v...
started by: Dan L · last update: 1494249334 · posted: 1494249334
english speech therapist 1 General
do you know a English speech therapist in Paris?
started by: julie-queneau-899118 · last update: 1493821713 · posted: 1493796768
Home wifi 1 General
Hi all,Looking for a good and cheap home wifi provider in Paris for a small apartment, any sug...
started by: Maïté-Moloney-878716 · last update: 1493049990 · posted: 1493021096
Occupational Therapy/Ergothèrapie 0 General
Looking for anyone who was an Occupational Therapist in the US and has become and Ergothèrapeute (assuming it's...
started by: Kara-Tavolacci-897434 · last update: 1492018964 · posted: 1492018964
Looking for a mobile hairdresser 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I'm looking for a good mobile hairdresser in Paris or surrounding suburbs willling to travel to Anto...
started by: rozie-953405 · last update: 1491468144 · posted: 1491393456
Looking to relocate to Paris via a job o... 2 Non-local
I am a Kenyan Lady in her late thirties and always wanted to learn French as well as experience the Cu...
started by: Ruth-Kasivili-896013 · last update: 1490464420 · posted: 1490097869
French visitors to UK? 2 Families & Kids
Hello, Can anyone answer my question please on visiting UK? We have booked to visit my family ...
started by: clare4bou · last update: 1488467029 · posted: 1488373972
Unlimited Data Deal Paris 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi all,I've been in France for 5 months using Lebara for my phone network, and been putting of...
started by: Maïté-Moloney-878716 · last update: 1487841328 · posted: 1487773592
Looking for an English speaking Doctor i... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
started by: cyprus9and18 · last update: 1487322700 · posted: 1487268724
What happened to...... 1 AngloINFO Support
..the list of events by arrondissement? I have searched and cannot find it anywhere in the menus. I found...
started by: BrianH-84873 · last update: 1487232114 · posted: 1485786723
Physical Therapist Paris? 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I recently had surgery on my knee and I'm looking for a good physical therapist.  I c...
started by: mishlola · last update: 1486982543 · posted: 1486637779
You can find French radio news in Englis... 0 General
Thought some of you might be interested! You can find French radio news in English now!At:
started by: darcydpt · last update: 1485795763 · posted: 1485795763
Need a man with a van for Monday 1 General
Hi allI've been left in the lurch and, therefore, I need a man with a van (Berlingo, Kangoo etc.) for Mon...
started by: Tigger-459388 · last update: 1484738765 · posted: 1484725443
Unemployement for Expats 3 Financial & Legal
Hello,I resigned from my position in November 2016 and my visa expires in February but I would like to ap...
started by: MARY JANE-PUANGCO-890915 · last update: 1484596968 · posted: 1484234229
Private school fees 3 Families & Kids
Hello, I just wondered if anyone knows what the annual fees are for the Bilingual Scool "Cours Moliere" in the 1...
started by: clare4bou · last update: 1484560914 · posted: 1484298658
Closing a bank account 1 Financial & Legal
Hi all,My name is Jose and I have a few questions in regards of a bank account I have in Paris...
started by: Jose-Danon-890645 · last update: 1484034120 · posted: 1483972946
How long 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I passed my test in November it's now January, when will my license arrive ?
started by: forrest-872524 · last update: 1483612612 · posted: 1483463848
A lovely Galette des Rois recipe 0 Food & Drink
Happy New Year to one and all - I love making these and giving them away at this time of the year.You nee...
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1483349428 · posted: 1483349428
Closing Bank Account (Help) 2 Financial & Legal
Does anybody know how I could go about closing my bank account with LaBanquePostale? I'm moving back to Au...
started by: Roy-Styles-879837 · last update: 1481314347 · posted: 1481236508
Help 1 General
started by: yorkie 12-530345 · last update: 1480887828 · posted: 1480887769
Christmas Market on the Champs 0 Entertainment
I am a real sucker for all things Christmas and the market on the Champs Elysées is just plain fab this year. (...
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1480669998 · posted: 1480669998
Singing oppertunities 2 Entertainment
Recent expat in Paris here, I used to sing all the time in my home country but now that I am living in a tiny st...
started by: Maïté-Moloney-878716 · last update: 1479984096 · posted: 1479915242
Request for help 2 Financial & Legal
We are asking for some suggestions about how, under theFrench system, one can deal with ...
started by: Richard-Ofshe-878606 · last update: 1479976744 · posted: 1479818065
Local paper? 4 General
I am currently in the UK, so unable to visit a French newsagent's; but does anyone know the name of a local news...
started by: home and dry · last update: 1479488697 · posted: 1479162122
Does 75K euro salary good in Paris 5 General
HiI am shifting paris with my wife and 4 years son. Does 75K euro annual salary is good enough to live? I...
started by: Viru-Rathore-873661 · last update: 1479063621 · posted: 1478188231
Therapy animals 1 Pets & Animals
My company is looking to get in contact with some therapy animals.  We wish to organize a site visit to hel...
started by: Benjamin-Larvie-873804 · last update: 1478862655 · posted: 1478360454
Researcher seeking information about Osm... 0 General
I am doing some research for a biography, and I would be interested to hear from anyone with longstanding connec...
started by: home and dry · last update: 1478719246 · posted: 1478719246
Topics 6 General
What has happened to the members of this region?
started by: chèvrefeuille · last update: 1478683250 · posted: 1477430437
Coin deposit into Bank or equivalent of ... 3 Financial & Legal
Bonjour,I need some advise on making a deposit of a large amount of euro Coins into my French bank account o...
started by: ABDUL-ALOBEDA-873950 · last update: 1478682996 · posted: 1478540511
What to you think about having to pay fo... 1 General
Have had two instances over the past two weeks - one for a locksmith and the other for a car repair quote. Makes...
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1477940120 · posted: 1477666169
New tax on Homeowners 4 Financial & Legal
This from a posting on the Brittany angloinfo site. Does any body know more about this."
started by: BrianH-84873 · last update: 1476534975 · posted: 1472730537
Retirees in Dordogne 1 General
Good morning. My name is Sara Llana, and I a
started by: Sara-Llana-872166 · last update: 1476460666 · posted: 1476428538
Samsung Fridge For Sale 0 General
Hi all, I have a samsung fridge for sale. "American" style fridge, with brand new filter. Also includes all acce...
started by: Lauren-Havlik-871703 · last update: 1475931205 · posted: 1475931205
Redirection la poste 2 General
Hello ... is it possible to redirect mail using the internet without going to what was my local post office to f...
started by: claud-81452 · last update: 1475911745 · posted: 1475854912
Looking for British extras 2 General
Hi everyone,
started by: Dana-Mukanova-869378 · last update: 1475694092 · posted: 1473676121
Looking for a 1 bed flat in Paris for 6 ... 0 Home & Garden
I'm looking for a 1 bed flat in Paris for 6 months starting at the end of September. Anywhere fairly central would ...
started by: Anne-M-868281 · last update: 1473685069 · posted: 1473685069
General Doctor communicable in English 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello!I am looking for the General Doctor in Paris accessible English communication. Any recommend...
started by: Eun Young-LEE-865519 · last update: 1473401250 · posted: 1469609735
Holiday rental 0 General
Would be pleased to receive some advice reference holiday rentals. My husband and I would like to visit Paris fo...
started by: Fromage-997986 · last update: 1473095403 · posted: 1473095403
Looking for native German-speaking Babys... 0 Families & Kids
started by: Marc-Dolimpio-868782 · last update: 1473077605 · posted: 1473077605
Gymnastics Club for boys? 2 Families & Kids
Hi, ive been looking for a local gymnastics club for my 7 year old son, but i havent had much luck; Our loc...
started by: clare4bou · last update: 1472565379 · posted: 1472464373
Piano Teacher Wanted 4 General
started by: Tigger-459388 · last update: 1472239557 · posted: 1471941712
Wanted - French language classes Aug 15-... 1 General
started by: BMC0199 · last update: 1470062475 · posted: 1470014266
Accounting assistance for Americans 1 Financial & Legal
I am an American and am looking for an accountant or firm who is conversant with tax issues involving Americans ...
started by: harwell99 · last update: 1469392199 · posted: 1469215350
Potager tax 0 General
I am hearing reports that the Hollande Govn are planning to levy a charge on Potagers larger than 20 sq m.
started by: jonno1948-90946 · last update: 1469195202 · posted: 1469195202
Expat stories needed 0 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and I w...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469101267 · posted: 1469101267