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Cycling from Paris to Cergy 0 AngloINFO Support
I hope that you don't mind me messaging you but we are hoping that you might know someone who might be able to help
started by: Chris-Green-919951 · last update: 1516353164 · posted: 1516353164
What is the status of AirBnB in Paris? 5 General
Due to these new regulations in Paris on short term rentals, what is the actual status now? How strictly is it enfo
started by: ANTOINE-DESILVA-919012 · last update: 1516203079 · posted: 1515526576
Parking Roissy Airport 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi,Does anyone know this parking Roissy discount? I need a long term parking and the reviews ar
started by: Ouelid-Sassi-919086 · last update: 1515662002 · posted: 1515587791
Renewal of Long Stay Visa 16 Financial & Legal
Help! I need to renew my Long Stay Visa. Has anyone done this recently? I have looked at all the information I can
started by: Kaz-85321 · last update: 1514902257 · posted: 1268914303
Regarding activities for kids 1 Families & Kids
Hello I want to know about any activities for 5 year old kid near courbevoie, Paris.Any sports or activity classes
started by: Sonali-Deo-918299 · last update: 1514902044 · posted: 1514823998
Need to get small toy from Paris to Kildare... 1 General
Need advice. My 6 year old has asked santa for a skylander figure, it is not too expensive but sold out everywhere(
started by: alison-Nash-917290 · last update: 1513884875 · posted: 1513377748
Help for caregivers? 2 Financial & Legal
Married 33 years. Husband now 93 and needs my assistance to live. Any services to help me?
started by: thinking-80988 · last update: 1513199863 · posted: 1511960571
I need a job 0 Financial & Legal
Hlo  I am dipak from nepal and currently in paris .Plz help to find Find job .I have good knowledge of ba
started by: DIPAK-Nepali-911656 · last update: 1512999048 · posted: 1507715800
Funeral Procession for Johnny Hallyday 0 General
As of 23:00 this evening evening, the rue Royale running from the Concorde to the Madeleine will be pedestrianized
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1512736377 · posted: 1512736377
Lycée International Balzac 1 Families & Kids
Hi, We have been living 15 years in London where our 3 children were born and educated in an international environm
started by: Mag-Jaquard-916368 · last update: 1512658517 · posted: 1512398547
Looking to start a small travel group , for... 1 Sport & Leisure
Bonjour all, I am looking to create a small travel group, to share in exploring places for long weekends . You
started by: coco-bonneau-903520 · last update: 1511624046 · posted: 1511347149
Long stay visa renewal? 4 Financial & Legal
Hello, if anyone could be so kind to help me in my situation? I am on a long term salarié visa in Paris which expi
started by: Amy -Lee -915462 · last update: 1511437165 · posted: 1511417220
upgrading a business 1 Financial & Legal
I am finding myself in the position of earning too mluch for ae status - can anyone direct me or recommend somewher
started by: lolla-92437 · last update: 1511008385 · posted: 1510845607
A problem? 4 General
Eleven days, nineteen days, a month. Is there a problem with AI Paris!
started by: chèvrefeuille · last update: 1510928747 · posted: 1510691450
Certified Copy of passport 14 General
I need to get a certified copy of my passport. I asked at the town hall but they will do it for free but only for F
started by: BrianH-84873 · last update: 1510846406 · posted: 1437737962
Travel with récépissé de demande de carte... 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi,I am from India and currently I have applied for Carte de Sejour Temporarie (in France). Currently I have r
started by: Anjana-Ambika-912931 · last update: 1509087033 · posted: 1509013771
Can you travel to Guadeloupe with a titre... 3 General
Hello,I just wanted to check that I can travel to Guadeloupe with a titre de sejour. I remember a few years ago I h
started by: Kudz-H-911877 · last update: 1508151915 · posted: 1507900894
Managing a Eurostar booking 2 General
Heavens, but this is hard to find on their site; here is the link for others to make your live easier:&n
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1507709200 · posted: 1507559623
Self Employment in Paris, not Micro-Enterprise,... 3 Financial & Legal
Hi All,I am American (been in Europe since 2002), with a French-German partner and we are moving to Paris on 1 July
started by: Momo · last update: 1507147468 · posted: 1496175980
Marks and Sparks closed at Aeroville! 1 General
Have the also closed at Beaugrenelle? Most annoying as they seem to have opened up tons of small grocery outlets ev
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1506952408 · posted: 1506927683