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Where to shop for Plus Size Clothes in Paris? 28 General Started by: monterymer · Updated: 1597143274 · Created: 1158882955
Hi, I'm new in Paris and dying to buy some Parisian fashion (on a budget!). I have no idea where to shop and have looked
Bilingual Schools for English speaking 3... 3 Families & Kids Started by: Nerissa-Josias-962317 · Updated: 1596792129 · Created: 1590792439
Hi, we are moving to Paris from South Africa later this year for at least 5 years. Our family speaks only English but we
Medicare abroad 2 AngloINFO Support Started by: as159 · Updated: 1596014875 · Created: 1595929137
This is a question that would be relevant only to US citizens over 65 and spending much of their time abroad: does anyon
Looking for distributors 0 Home & Garden Started by: DAGMAWI-KEBEDE-965225 · Updated: 1593795307 · Created: 1593795307
Hello everyone , i want your suggestions to distribute our products of bales (new trap) across France with better qualit
Applying for French/Dual Nationality 1 AngloINFO Support Started by: Megan-Brooks-959059 · Updated: 1591606175 · Created: 1591398553
Hi I am an American .. born in the USA. I was married to a French man for 8 years and had 2 daughters ( both born in Fra
Colocation contract 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Grace-France-962853 · Updated: 1591380614 · Created: 1591380614
hello allI'm a student currently live in 94 district near Paris.I searched house from internet before I came to Paris, t
Caring carers 0 General Started by: Lottie-Rundall-962679 · Updated: 1591219619 · Created: 1591219619
Hi, Does anyone have experience of using carers in Paris? My disabled friend with MS is unable to find carers who actual
I need help with my first French tax return... 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Jonathan-Mitchell-962011 · Updated: 1590471160 · Created: 1590471160
2019 was my first year living in France and this is my first French tax return. I am already back living in my home coun
Part-time English Instructor 0 General Started by: Caroline Hudson · Updated: 1589979912 · Created: 1589979912
Hello everyone, I saw this and thought that it might be useful for some of you.Become an English Instructor with Babylan
Baking 3 Food & Drink Started by: George -Rudd-959254 · Updated: 1586931073 · Created: 1586723275
Hey guys anyone know where I can get fresh yeast in Paris !? What the bakery’s use thanks!
UK birth certificate in France 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Meera-Sanghvj-959082 · Updated: 1586428428 · Created: 1586416535
Hi I’m moving to Paris shortly and am overwhelmed by the documentation that may be required on arrival in order to sec
if you want to foster or adopt in paris region 10 Pets & Animals Started by: isdngirl-89008 · Updated: 1585228429 · Created: 1302127379
Hi not sure if it helps, but myself I was looking to do some fostering of cats in while Im biding my time in Paris, afte
Cours Moliere school (12e); able to provide... 9 Families & Kids Started by: NickB-966346 · Updated: 1584024609 · Created: 1404334804
Hi, Having recently enrolled our son for "la grande section" of the "maternelle", wondering if anyone has any recent exp
Collège/Lycée International Honoré de... 6 Families & Kids Started by: habaka-607636 · Updated: 1582009434 · Created: 1358109576
Hello, trying to get some advice or comments from students and/or parents of children you have attended or currently att
Artist's life in France. 0 Entertainment Started by: Natasha-Marson-879335 · Updated: 1581794175 · Created: 1581794175
Hello. I live in Spain,but thinking of moving in France. As an visusl artist, i would like to find out more information
Residence questions 1 Financial & Legal Started by: as159 · Updated: 1581571965 · Created: 1576087990
Hello all. My wife and I are American citizens who will soon be retired and need to establish residence in France, as we
CDI & company name change 0 Financial & Legal Started by: coco-bonneau-903520 · Updated: 1581543395 · Created: 1579617622
hello, I need some simple advice, IF I signed a CDI with a company , and a year later, that company does a name change,
Particulier cherche couple d’employés... 0 Home & Garden Started by: Cancelleria-Cancelleria-935049 · Updated: 1575973540 · Created: 1575973540
Particulier cherche coupled’employés de maison à temps plein, logé et en CDI à Paris. Luiserveur/entretien/ménage
Van life-Van Conversions-FR 0 General Started by: PAVLOS-GKRANTOUNIS-950773 · Updated: 1575750463 · Created: 1575750463
Hi everybody.As i was watching recent Vanlife videos on youtube i wonder if thats possible in France. So there is a bunc
Avis d’imposition and Taxes 3 Financial & Legal Started by: Emma-Jordan-945127 · Updated: 1574677089 · Created: 1569008282
Hello everyone,I'm a student who just moved to Paris and I have a few questions that I can't find answers to online, I'm