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Looking to travel over from Paris to the... 2 Pets & Animals
Hi, I am looking to get from France to the UK this week and my only problem is getting my pet cat over with me. I l
started by: Hollie-Barrett-929941 · last update: 1535923043 · posted: 1533045206
moving from Paris to York 1 Home & Garden
Hi, I'm looking for a removal van to help with a small move from Paris  to York. Anybody interested? It'll be
started by: Hollie-Barrett-929941 · last update: 1535922913 · posted: 1534082003
looking for a Spanish speaking Cleaner/housekeeper... 1 Families & Kids
Hello everyone, I am writing to find out if anyone knows of a Spanish speaking housekeeper/cleaner who could work i
started by: MF-312799 · last update: 1533901226 · posted: 1533148088
Piano teacher for St Germain en Laye area... 1 Families & Kids
Hello everyone! My family and I will be new to the St Germain en Laye region and would like to continue our kids' p
started by: MF-312799 · last update: 1533901091 · posted: 1533148356
Honda Goldwing GL1800 for sale 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
2012 Honda Goldwing GL1800 Audio Comfort motorcycle with cruise, reverse, heated grips/seat/backrest and a vented w
started by: Philip-Gazeau-929637 · last update: 1531713504 · posted: 1531713504
Looking for RHD vehicle in France 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello folks Anyone with information where I can get a RHD vehicle in France or if there is a website where I c
started by: Percy-Ngwira-929332 · last update: 1530101811 · posted: 1530101811
Can landlords demand more than the caution? 2 Home & Garden
Hi everyone,I hope this hasn't already been posted here before, but my roommate and I are in a bit of a predicament
started by: Ciat-Conlin-929048 · last update: 1529625003 · posted: 1528746741
accomodation in Paris 0 General
Hi everyone, my family and i wish to come to paris over the weekend of the 13,14 and 15 of July. We are looking for
started by: cherfleur · last update: 1528781351 · posted: 1528781351
Tax advice requested for autoentrepreneur... 2 Financial & Legal
I'm looking for someone advice and help in understanding how I properly set up my business to pay taxes in France a
started by: DavidMacIng · last update: 1528694267 · posted: 1528452717
Adult Children of Alcoholics/Other Dysfunctional... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello! I will be relocating to Paris in September, so I wanted to share that I didn't see Adult Children of Al
started by: Lisa-La Valle-Finan Global Talent Consultant | Expat Career Coach | Author Globiana Inc. · last update: 1524645569 · posted: 1524623793
Looking for basketball league for my teen... 0 Families & Kids
Hi! I will be bringing my teenage daughter and her friend to Paris for the 2018-19 school year. They don't have eno
started by: Colleen-Toner-926582 · last update: 1522813554 · posted: 1522813554
Searching for English speaking nanny 0 Families & Kids
started by: Marie-Foucault-926532 · last update: 1522757004 · posted: 1522757004
Line 4 closed at Gare du Nord 2 General
Access to line 4 of the metro is closed at the Gare du Nord; best to just walk to the Gare de l'Est and take 4 from
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1521101321 · posted: 1521029758
Looking for French Conversation group in... 0 General
Hello, I am looking to find a person, or group , to practice French speaking with. Maybe lunch time ? at cheapie MC
started by: coco-bonneau-903520 · last update: 1521017659 · posted: 1521017659
Poker anyone? 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi,  I love living in Paris, but I do miss my monthly poker game - low-stakes but high value. Anyone intereste
started by: Lance-Miller-923448 · last update: 1519657309 · posted: 1519657309
Noisy neighbors 4 General
I’m renting a studio (hlm) top floor (4) on a landing of 4 , two  two apartments and two studios, my interio
started by: forrest-872524 · last update: 1519417783 · posted: 1519317555
Looking to start a small travel group , for... 6 Sport & Leisure
Bonjour all, I am looking to create a small travel group, to share in exploring places for long weekends . You
started by: coco-bonneau-903520 · last update: 1519234094 · posted: 1511347149
Advice Needed: Auto Entrepreneur Status Application... 1 Financial & Legal
I'm looking to apply for Auto Entrepreneur Status. Is there an existing thread on this that I could refer to?
started by: Taylor Cavale · last update: 1518703155 · posted: 1518692507
What is the status of AirBnB in Paris? 5 General
Due to these new regulations in Paris on short term rentals, what is the actual status now? How strictly is it enfo
started by: ANTOINE-DESILVA-919012 · last update: 1518683843 · posted: 1515526576
Truffles are abundant 3 Food & Drink
Just to bring some light-hearted and very personal information to the discussions.  Truffles are around. 
started by: Tigger-459388 · last update: 1518514968 · posted: 1518379246