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... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a physio who uses hydrotherapy? My doctor recommended one in the 7th...but that is an hours dr
started by: dubliner-85149 · last update: 1498217640 · posted: 1498217639
French radio reporter's request 0 General
Hello,My name is Grégoire Lecalot, I'm a french radio reporter for France Info. I'm preparing a report about the b
started by: Grégoire-Lecalot-903009 · last update: 1498140188 · posted: 1498140186
Skype not working.... 3 General
Is it just me?
started by: karen-72236 · last update: 1498029802 · posted: 1497949029
Looking for information on English speaking... 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi! I would like to know if anyone on this group have any experience on english speaking speech and occupational th
started by: Katrina-Estall-902188 · last update: 1497429498 · posted: 1497372464
Fish and Chips 6 Food & Drink
There's a new fish and chip shop that has opened at 39 rue des Vinaigriers in the 10th arr. The address seems to be
started by: franc 91 · last update: 1496986947 · posted: 1379085006
Beaujolais Nouveau release 14 Food & Drink
This Thursday
started by: lola-72462 · last update: 1496986939 · posted: 1384760980
Fruit Cake ingredients 5 Food & Drink
My wife is having trouble locating glazed cherries in Paris. We have tried local supermarkets, and  finally fo
started by: BrianH-84873 · last update: 1496986821 · posted: 1385988022
Wine 5 Food & Drink
What's the best wine for under 10 euros in your opinion...???
started by: stevies-179765 · last update: 1496986815 · posted: 1392576053
Chicken n Chips.. 6 Food & Drink
On a Sunday, homemade of course, what does everybody else have...?????
started by: stevies-179765 · last update: 1496986808 · posted: 1392575826
Donut Making 3 Food & Drink
Is there anywhere in Paris where one can go to see how donuts are made. My friends kid is fascinated by the world o
started by: BMC0199 · last update: 1496986799 · posted: 1396093337
Looking for a great restaurant 4 Food & Drink
Dear Paris folk, I need to take my new boss out for dinner next week in Paris. I need a restaurant that has excepti
started by: muddywaters-120477 · last update: 1496986793 · posted: 1407063682
online british groceries 3 Food & Drink
Anyone know the best targets for around paris for people interested in british groceries with a delivery service,lo
started by: stevenson-10069452 · last update: 1496986785 · posted: 1456255024
renewal of salary visa France 1 Financial & Legal
Hello all, I have one question regarding renewal of salary visa. I have done change of status from student to salar
started by: ashwinapr · last update: 1496986710 · posted: 1453295838
life drawing 5 General
Hi my name is Lawrence, my partner and I are both artists and will be living in Paris in 2008 for approx 6 months.
started by: lawrie-74662 · last update: 1496754649 · posted: 1182910822
Self Employment in Paris, not Micro-Enterprise,... 2 Financial & Legal
Hi All,I am American (been in Europe since 2002), with a French-German partner and we are moving to Paris on 1 July
started by: Momo · last update: 1496226947 · posted: 1496175980
Centre des impots 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hello, I'm a non-EU citizen and I have recently moved to Paris, France. I've only been here for 3 months on a 2 yea
started by: Hun Ho-Park-901028 · last update: 1496141643 · posted: 1496065490
Need a sports car 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
started by: buu2 · last update: 1495665725 · posted: 1492076416
Plumber wanted in 7014 area! 1 Home & Garden
Hi, I don't suppose any knows of any Paris plumbers in the 14th, Metro: Pernety, to investigate and clear some bloc
started by: Chris-Glynn-899605 · last update: 1495665660 · posted: 1494357314
Looking for a really good vet. 0 Pets & Animals
I'm having trouble finding a decent vet.  Can anyone please recommend a really good vet in Paris.  In, or
started by: Tigger-459388 · last update: 1495563554 · posted: 1495563553
Home Repairs & Construction 1 Home & Garden
We provide a large variety of home construction and repair services to the English speaking expat community in the
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