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Shipping to USA 0 General Started by: JANETR66-77964 · Updated: 1631662511 · Created: 1631662511
I'd like to ship some framed artwork and small furniture items from Paris to San Diego, CA. Not a clue where to start. C
Full time nanny for my little boy 0 Families & Kids Started by: Hannah-Bevan-1006434 · Updated: 1631564577 · Created: 1631564577
Hi , We are looking for a full time Nanny who can look after our little boy who’s just turned 3 months.we are a Englis
Pacifica Home Insurance - How to make a Claim... 4 Financial & Legal Started by: Jennifer -Welch-925538 · Updated: 1631103334 · Created: 1630311527
Hello,I have home insurance with Pacifica / Credit Agricole. I want to make a claim as there is water damage on my ceili
After school English-speaking nanny 0 Families & Kids Started by: Guillaume-Rey-1002967 · Updated: 1631032047 · Created: 1631032047
Hi! We are a Franco-British family living in the center of Paris (16eme) and looking for an English-speaking nanny or st
Cheapest vehicles to drive & insure (how... 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Samuel-Meller-1001304 · Updated: 1629294979 · Created: 1629225812
My father had bought a place in central France and I am interested in getting a vehicle to drive around locally! I’m 2
American marrying a French man - help please!! 13 Financial & Legal Started by: EmmaWhite · Updated: 1629292216 · Created: 1310754051
Hello All,I am an American woman (28) who wants to marry my French boyfriend of over 5 years and settle long term in
Looking for a nanny in Paris 0 Families & Kids Started by: Xavier-Gastaud-1000926 · Updated: 1628780616 · Created: 1628780616
Hi! We are a Franco-American family living in the center of Paris (1st) and looking for an English-speaking nanny (prefe
Recieved a Bounce Check 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Wassay-Mahmood-999482 · Updated: 1627992966 · Created: 1627069662
I received a check which i submitted in my bank BNP Paribas. I withdrew some cash and later my card was blocked with the
Chartres area: Reliable estate agents, property... 0 Financial & Legal Started by: L-Molloy-999874 · Updated: 1627554469 · Created: 1627554469
Anyone with recommendations for reliable estate agents/property agencies in the Chartres area? We're looking to buy, but
Human Rights Act - Civil Rights 2 Financial & Legal Started by: clare4bou · Updated: 1626695288 · Created: 1626532693
Hello,Is there anyone, Legal Advisors, Lawyer/Solicitor etc, who can help inform me to what our Civil Rights are in rega
Moving to France with French reg car but... 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: maud-goldberg-997917 · Updated: 1625641829 · Created: 1625338801
Hi, I am having trouble working out what I need to do to change the carte grise to my name. Bought a car registered both
Seeking classes and therapists in English... 2 Families & Kids Started by: Jerome-Meier-997296 · Updated: 1625575091 · Created: 1624570917
Hello,Does anyone have information about schooling and therapies (ABA and Occupational Therapy) for a 12-year old autist
After school English activities 2 Families & Kids Started by: Derek-Ferguson-986216 · Updated: 1623759950 · Created: 1615903430
Hi,What can I do if my child is in French school and I don't have the patience to teach her English myself?
if you want to foster or adopt in paris region 11 Pets & Animals Started by: isdngirl-89008 · Updated: 1623080147 · Created: 1302127379
Hi not sure if it helps, but myself I was looking to do some fostering of cats in while Im biding my time in Paris, afte
How to find a COVID vaccination centre near... 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: karen-72236 · Updated: 1621260026 · Created: 1616485253 if you think you are not eligible (yet) contact your local ce
Ermitage/Lycee Internationale St Germain 1 Families & Kids Started by: marta-workiewicz-986345 · Updated: 1620802681 · Created: 1615295018
Hello,Do any of you have kids in the college of one of these schools? Could you share your experiences? I'd greatly appr
contrôle technique after registering UK... 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Paul-Conduit-974389 · Updated: 1614948646 · Created: 1603018419
Hi everyone,we have recently moved from the UK to France and we brought our UK car (8 years old). We have successfully r
Need help organizing my apartment and paperwork 0 Home & Garden Started by: JMICHELE-blacorp-931801 · Updated: 1605027286 · Created: 1605027286
I am handicapped and need a volunteer to help me organize my apartment.I am a French and English teacher, interior desig
C/A Pacifica insurance home 0 General Started by: Flavia-Aluisi-974318 · Updated: 1602866667 · Created: 1602866667
Good evening, I recently suffered a burglary and the front door needs to be completely repaired. But the insurance only
Taking a bike on the TGV Paris Nice 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: iain-Bain-973042 · Updated: 1601472739 · Created: 1601377654
Hi can anybody please advise what amount of dismantling and packing is needed to take a Bicycle on the TGV Paris to Nice