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Hi I am an American .. born in the USA. I was married to a French man for 8 years and had 2 daughters ( both born in France and thus French with Dual nationality France/USA). I divorced in 2001 and returned to the USA with my daughter- where I reside today , in Los Angeles. I was stupid and did not apply for my French citizenship when I was married!!  I did live in France for 10 years and work there as well - with a carte de residence ( which has long expired at this point). I would like to apply for French citizenship now -- is it possible ? Also, I don't live in France at the moment..is that  a problem? Any advice from anyone on how to begin ? I guess technically I am applying through my French daughters - but also myself as I have worked in France for over 5 years?  I speak perfect French- just don't know where to begin.... help!!

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I hope that you don't mind me messaging you but we are hoping that you might know someone who might be able to help us for a charity event that we are organising in May. We run a charity that helps children who are suffering from brain tumours after losing our son aged 11 years old from one. We are organising a bike ride from Paris to Canvey Island in Essex, England and need someone to help the riders to get from the Arc de Triomphe to Cergy- all we need is someone to either show the riders the way or if someone could provide us with detailed written instructions of the best route to take. We have brought lots of maps and have driven to Paris but we have found it very difficult to find safe roads out of Paris without getting lost. We have already organised the route from Cergy to Dieppe but are struggling getting to Cergy from Paris. We all have road bikes and are hoping that you may know someone who could help or you may have an idea who we could ask for help. Thank you and kind regards.Chris Green. http://www.thedannygreenfund.org.uk/

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Hi,I am from India and currently I have applied for Carte de Sejour Temporarie (in France). Currently I have received a "récépissé de demande de carte de séjour" which is valid for 3 months and I need to wait for 2 months to get the Carte. During this period, can I travel to India for a couple of months and return to France without any issues before the expiry date of "récépissé de demande de carte de séjour"?Regards,Anjana

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Hi hope someone can help. My Daughter and her boyfriend are moving to Paris to study at the Sorbonne for 5 months and are really struggling to find somewhere affordable also without having to pay all 5 months up front. Can anyone please help .Thank you so much in advance

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Hi all,I've been in France for 5 months using Lebara for my phone network, and been putting off getting wifi at my place, but now it's looking like I need to get wifi for my place too. Instead of paying for mobile wifi and wifi at home, I was hoping to just get wifi for my phone and then hotspot to my laptop when at home. But it seems Lebara don't offer unlimited data, the max they offer has a limit of 15gb, and if I'm using it on my phone and laptop I know I'll go through that in no time. Does anyone know of a network provider in France that offers unlimited data per month for maybe 20-30 euro? I'd prefer if they also offered calls but it's not the end of the world. I know there are deals like this in Ireland where I'm from but I'm having a hard time finding that here.Thanks in advance!

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..the list of events by arrondissement? I have searched and cannot find it anywhere in the menus. I found this  most useful in the past. I hope that it has not been discontinued. 

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Hi Admin and everyone else. I've changed my email address but cannot find anywhere to update it on the Angloinfo site. Please advise. Thanks

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I'm looking at converting part of a Hotel to apartments in the Mont Blanc area. Parking is proving a problem. I'm told that 1.5 spaces has to be created for every 50m2 of converted space. There is a garden that could be converted to parking, but to get to it any car would have to cross a pavement and remove free public parking spaces on the road; so for every two spaces created the town would lose one public space. Does anybody know of a solution or an alternative that might be acceptable to the local mairie

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How does one edit or delete a post on the Forum? I would like to add some additional information. ______________ le chat qui peche

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Is it possible to de-register from this site, remove all ones details, Can't find anything about it in the FAQ section. 

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Members registered with tele2.fr e-mail addresses must update these with their new sfr.fr (or other) addresses, as these old e-mail addresses have now been "turned off" by your ISP. All tele2.fr addresses have also been unsubscribed from the weekly AngloINFO newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving this, you must re-select the option for it when updating your e-mail address. To edit and update your membership profile, just click on the My Profile link in the top-right myAngloINFO navigation box while logged in.

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Hi! Is there anyone from the Nord Pas de Calais region using / reading this forum? Does anyone know when the northern france AI site will be launched? Thanks

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How can I post a message about something which is probably of interest to the Anglophone community but is not specific to this region... For example,... I have a friend offering free accommodation in the south of Spain in exchange for some assistance with two houses Or,... Looking for a job elsewhere in France without having to look at every single Angloinfo site one by one ... Or,... looking for a second-hand netbook computer with Qwerty keyboard in France... In brief, there are many occasions when it is useful to contact the whole anglophone community in France and not just one particular region. Is this possible anyway ??? Cheers Beddha

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There was a recent newsletter that advertised home delivery of restuarant meals; but did not keep the newsletter - can anyone send one to me with the advert in question?

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Hi Whenever I click on an individual business entry, "print this detail", all I get is a new open browser page. What is going on?? Thanks

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