Applying for French/Dual Nationality

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Hi I am an American .. born in the USA. I was married to a French man for 8 years and had 2 daughters ( both born in France and thus French with Dual nationality France/USA). I divorced in 2001 and returned to the USA with my daughter- where I reside today , in Los Angeles. I was stupid and did not apply for my French citizenship when I was married!!  I did live in France for 10 years and work there as well - with a carte de residence ( which has long expired at this point). I would like to apply for French citizenship now -- is it possible ? Also, I don't live in France at the that  a problem? Any advice from anyone on how to begin ? I guess technically I am applying through my French daughters - but also myself as I have worked in France for over 5 years?  I speak perfect French- just don't know where to begin.... help!!

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Your best course of action is to take professional advice. Applying for nationality is never simple, and several factor make your application complicated. Excellent resources can be found here: 

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