How can I contact the whole anglophone community?

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How can I post a message about something which is probably of interest to the Anglophone community but is not specific to this region... For example,... I have a friend offering free accommodation in the south of Spain in exchange for some assistance with two houses Or,... Looking for a job elsewhere in France without having to look at every single Angloinfo site one by one ... Or,... looking for a second-hand netbook computer with Qwerty keyboard in France... In brief, there are many occasions when it is useful to contact the whole anglophone community in France and not just one particular region. Is this possible anyway ??? Cheers Beddha

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You can go to the AngloInfo homepage:

and sign in to each area. Then, you can post on each site. From the home page, you can, also, access the web sites of AngloInfo in other countries. If there is a way of doing it in just one post, I am not aware of it.

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Thanks for the reply Tigger, but I was hoping to find a way to contact the whole Anglophone community.



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You could try contacting one of the administrators. If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page you will see, in the tiniest of type, the word "contact' in blue lettering.

Good luck!

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