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Members registered with e-mail addresses must update these with their new (or other) addresses, as these old e-mail addresses have now been "turned off" by your ISP. All addresses have also been unsubscribed from the weekly AngloINFO newsletter. If you wish to continue receiving this, you must re-select the option for it when updating your e-mail address. To edit and update your membership profile, just click on the My Profile link in the top-right myAngloINFO navigation box while logged in.

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egyptiandoll 1246561065

I was with Club-Internet and now I'm SFR, not by choice, but I still can keep my club-internet email address, but for how long, who knows. But at this moment, I HATE SFR. I have never received so many spam emails in my life since SFR took over. Every day I receive about 15 spams, and do not understand why. With club-internet, I never received spam. And yes, the filter is turned on, but it doesn't seem to work. I also HATE them because the other day I wrote a long email (rare for me) and just before finishing it, I get this message that I have been on the internet too long and they are going to disconnect. I was only on for about 15 minutes writing my email. And, of course, my email was not to be found anywhere. I searched for an email address to write SFR and complain, but never found one.

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