Planning Permission For New Car Park Spaces

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I'm looking at converting part of a Hotel to apartments in the Mont Blanc area. Parking is proving a problem. I'm told that 1.5 spaces has to be created for every 50m2 of converted space. There is a garden that could be converted to parking, but to get to it any car would have to cross a pavement and remove free public parking spaces on the road; so for every two spaces created the town would lose one public space. Does anybody know of a solution or an alternative that might be acceptable to the local mairie

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I have always found my local Mairie to be most helpful. In your place, I would cut out the middle man and ask them directly what would be suitable.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply. I've tried the mairie and the planner was just deadpan, rather than helpful. Any other ideas?

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