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Hi all,I've been in France for 5 months using Lebara for my phone network, and been putting off getting wifi at my place, but now it's looking like I need to get wifi for my place too. Instead of paying for mobile wifi and wifi at home, I was hoping to just get wifi for my phone and then hotspot to my laptop when at home. But it seems Lebara don't offer unlimited data, the max they offer has a limit of 15gb, and if I'm using it on my phone and laptop I know I'll go through that in no time. Does anyone know of a network provider in France that offers unlimited data per month for maybe 20-30 euro? I'd prefer if they also offered calls but it's not the end of the world. I know there are deals like this in Ireland where I'm from but I'm having a hard time finding that here.Thanks in advance!

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Have you looked at free (ps am not a client so have no personal experience of their service) http://mobile.free.fr/ 

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