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My father had bought a place in central France and I am interested in getting a vehicle to drive around locally! I’m 20 and have a full uk drivers licence below i will list questions I need answered!Thanks in advance!Am I able to drive a vehicle in France at my age ?am I able to drive a car, quad or motorcycle? (Preferable a quad)how to do I go about insurance? (Mostly temporary insurance or short term)Any other information that will help me out?

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Hi, I am having trouble working out what I need to do to change the carte grise to my name. Bought a car registered both in France and in the UK (it was owned by a guy who worked and lived in both countries). I have been told to head to the ANTS site to update the carte grise but can't seem to connect an account that is recognised. We bought our car 3 months ago and by the time we leave the UK we will not have owned it for the 6 months required to be exempt from Customs duties. Does anyone here know how to go about this?Thank youMaud

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Hi everyone, we have recently moved from the UK to France and we brought our UK car (8 years old). We have successfully registered the car in France and it now has new French number plates. The last M.O.T was performed in June 2020 and the car was registered in France in September 2020. I am wondering when I need to take the car for its contrôle technique? Should I do this straight away, or do I have a year from June 2020?Thanks in advance

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Hi can anybody please advise what amount of dismantling and packing is needed to take a Bicycle on the TGV Paris to Nice. 

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I am looking for an auto school with a moto course (125cc) where instruction can be provided in English. I find the page on here very limited, especially with some located quite far away. Anyone had experience with a more Paris-based school?

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Hello folks Anyone with information where I can get a RHD vehicle in France or if there is a website where I can search for UK RHD cars I will appreciate your help

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Hi, Does anyone know this parking Roissy discount? I need a long term parking and the reviews are not bad on trip advisor. Thanks!

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My visit medical for my French driving license boite auto is due in April, it’s already booked through my job,do I have to send a copy to the the perfecture/ants and do they send a new permit ? Cheers for any info.

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exhaust must be replaced. Otherwise everything is really excellent. Some scraches on the body. Color is silver. really beautiful. If interested, please contact me with your phone number and I will call you right back. Thank you

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2012 Honda Goldwing GL1800 Audio Comfort motorcycle with cruise, reverse, heated grips/seat/backrest and a vented windshield.  It has a Bridgestone Exedra Max tire in the rear and a Dunlop D251 tire in the front, both of which are in very good to excellent condition.  Has a fresh safety with 28,000 miles = 44,800km (imported in 2013).  It does have a rebuilt title, but was only cosmetic.  Needs nothing and is ready to ride.  Here is my email: phillipgazeau@gmail.com

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Hi,Does anyone know this parking Roissy discount? I need a long term parking and the reviews are not bad on trip advisor. Thanks!

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You used to be able to enter the parking at T2 and drop off passengers without paying; there is no more drop off point there now (now only one at T1 it seems; T1 and T2 are not that close either, esp. in the rain)Very annoying as it is miles from Paris to start with.....

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Hello, I'm a non-EU citizen and I have recently moved to Paris, France. I've only been here for 3 months on a 2 year term. I've recently bought a used car in Germany (first registration in 2014.5, mileage of 20,000km) and want to register it in France. I just went to a nearby centre des impots to get a tax exempt certificate for the car and the people over there (they don't speak English and neither do I speak French well) told me that I need an avis (tax payment) for 2016. Is this correct? So they just wrote me a letter saying that I didn't pay any taxes in France for the year 2016. This is contrary to what I've searched so far on the internet. How could I have paid for the French taxes in 2016 if I just arrived this year? Please let me know what I have to do with this situation, otherwise I would have to re-sell the car back to the seller in Germany which will be painstaking.   

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I passed my test in November it's now January, when will my license arrive ?

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I want to leave my car at CDG Airport in mid/late November for 2/3 weeks.The car parks on the airport property are very expensive.Can anyone advise if there are off site secure parking near to CDG with a shuttle to the airport, similar to those at Heathrow.

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Hello Guys & Girls!I am familiar with your network as I family abroad despite myself still being back in England.I am seeking help or assistance for my sister whom is currently broken down in Disneyland Paris at the Cheyenne Hotel.She has a Peugeot 308 2010 - somehow its become water logged and the electrics have become faulty, this was on monday. The car is now starting ok but the power steering not working properly.She is meant to be leaving Friday, but the car is not safe to drive in its current state.Therefore I am asking if there are any English mechanics, or any recommended English speaking mechanics, or worst case scenario anyone with the facilities to recover her back to Calais so she can come home. Absolutely any possible advice would be gratefully received.Thank you!

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Greeting We are going to the Women's Rugby World Cup finals at Stade Jean-Bouin Dep. 16 Paris. My husband is a Blue Badge holder. We contacted the stadium about parking and they said there will be spaces outside the stadium. My query is that with a Blue Badge can we park free in a payant bay ? Thanks in anticipation, Jenny.

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I have MS and use a mobility scooter. I now live in Paris and can bring my 4 wheeled scooter over with a minimum of fuss, if you are disabled and providing you ask in advance, the airlines are remarkably good about transporting scooters and wheelchairs free of charge.I need to take a 3rd party insurance policy with a company that understands what a mobility scooter is, at the moment the quote I've had is just daft and they clearly have no idea.  Any thoughts on this would be gratefully received.

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A relative is coming to stay with us shortly, she has limited mobility and has a UK issued blue disabled badge in her car. She also has a mobility scooter that goes in the back of the car although for some places she will need to use her walking stick. I just wondered if anyone knows the rules on parking in Paris with a disabled badge. I understand that she will be allowed to use disabled spaces with the badge, but how does it work, does she still pay full price for the parking?Are there any places a disabled person could park that we normally couldn't (perhaps near some of the landmarks?).What are the rules for parking outside of Paris in Ile de France with a disabled badge?Any help much appreciated, it is the first time I have had to think about negotiating Paris with someone who doesn't walk well. I think the metro will be a nightmare, especially if busy so we are limited to driving, using the scooter or going for short walks.

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