Cheapest vehicles to drive & insure (how to go about it)

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My father had bought a place in central France and I am interested in getting a vehicle to drive around locally! I’m 20 and have a full uk drivers licence below i will list questions I need answered!Thanks in advance!Am I able to drive a vehicle in France at my age ?am I able to drive a car, quad or motorcycle? (Preferable a quad)how to do I go about insurance? (Mostly temporary insurance or short term)Any other information that will help me out?

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Min age for driving in France is 18, so no probs for you. You can drive anything that you have a 'full' licence for - any 'provisional' groups don't count. Insurance will be needed for the full year - even when parked up you'll need 'third party' cover, but you can reduce the cost be stipulating low usage, no breakdown/windscreen cover. The smaller/lower powered the car, the cheaper it is. Insurance is automatically renewed in France so speak to insurer about how to cancel, if needs be. You can use an agency to handle the registration to your name. Enjoy.

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