contrôle technique after registering UK car in France

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Hi everyone, we have recently moved from the UK to France and we brought our UK car (8 years old). We have successfully registered the car in France and it now has new French number plates. The last M.O.T was performed in June 2020 and the car was registered in France in September 2020. I am wondering when I need to take the car for its contrôle technique? Should I do this straight away, or do I have a year from June 2020?Thanks in advance

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Thanks Karen, but it doesn’t help. It doesn’t address the specific question of when to do the contrôle technique after bringing the car from the UK

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sorry....don't know

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Is it not marked on the Carte Grise ? Should be under X1: visite avant le....

It should be the date of expiry of your M.O.T. Forgive me for saying, but you do realise that you are still required to ensure that the car is legal for driving on the right, regardless of using an MOT to register.

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